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Thought Leading Women
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About: Imagine a world where your concept of someone with profound ideas is a woman. Because when you think about it, most people who change the way we think ? experts on TV, scientists, economists, busin...
John Harvey author Modern Real Estate Investing
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About: Cornerstone is a licensed California real estate brokerage staffed by investment advisors, securities representatives and CPAs. Specializing in securitized real estate for 1031 exchange, Cornerston...
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
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About: Nominated and vetted for Nobel Peace Prize 2016. Dr. Bob Reuschlein's futuristic interdisciplinary talents as leader, educator, speaker, businessman, and workshop presenter amaze audiences with empirical insights. His insights have the potential to transform macroeconomic theory tenfold and also improve global warming theory tenfold. His techniques combine rare basic research and engineering/accounting accuracy with business and political astuteness. Bob held several political party positions in the state of Oregon: state executive committee, national delegate, and electoral college slate. He graduated from the U.S. third ranked electrical engineering program joining four honor societies. Bob has been listed in Who's Who two decades. Books: Peace Economics, Strength Through Peace, Real Economy. 25th Anniversary video of Peace Economics. Unlike the baffled IPCC he can explain the fifteen year pause in global warming and predicts it will continue another 12 years. Go to the website for details. America's #1 Local Business Growth Accelerator
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About: BBRN Founder and Chairman Richard J. Roll is a nationally known consumer finance expert, Harvard MBA, and best-selling author (with Hugh Downs) in the field of retirement planning. As an acknowledged expert/thought leader on Baby Boomer retirement issues, and an energetic media guest, he has been interviewed by hundreds of the nation's leading media, such as CNBC, MSNBC, Money Magazine, WSJ and Forbes. Richard and his team of expert coaches provide inspiration, guidance, and trustworthy solutions for all the issues Baby Boomers are facing today, from finances to fitness to fulfillment, and everything in between.

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