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Wharton School Club of Washington
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About: Outstanding varied programs, 150-200 per year, such as our Embassy Receptions & Briefings, VIP luncheons, green business & other roundtables, Annual Conference and Joseph Wharton Gala Dinner that honors area business and public sector leaders, offer sponsors, members and attendees the opportunity to develop valuable business opportunities and expand critical knowledge.
Martin Lowy - Author: Capitalism for Democrats
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About: Martin Lowy, a veteran banker, attorney and entrepreneur, is unabashedly pro-American. But he also believes that global trade is a win-win system for all nations, even though some Americans need help in order to cope with global competition, and that people who live elsewhere deserve our respect—and even assistance when warranted. Lowy uses both his indefatigable research on new developments and his 50 years of experience investigating frauds, advising boards of directors, negotiating contracts and managing companies to bring his readers a unique blend that makes his writing relevant and timely, yet timeless. His first book, High Rollers (a history of the savings and loan debacle), was a New York Times Notable Book of 1991 and was cited by the Supreme Court as an authority on the subjec...
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
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About: Nominated vetted and strongly considered for Nobel Peace Prize 2016-2019. Dr. Bob Reuschlein's futuristic interdisciplinary talents as engineer, educator, speaker, businessman, and workshop presenter amaze audiences with empirical insights. His insights have the potential to transform macroeconomic theory tenfold and also improve global warming theory tenfold. His combine rare basic research and engineering/accounting accuracy with business, political, and academic astuteness. Bob held several political party positions in the state of Oregon: state executive committee, national delegate, and electoral college slate. He graduated from the U.S. third ranked electrical engineering program joining four honor societies. Bob has been listed in various Who's Who five decades. Books: Peace Economics, Strength Through Peace, Real Economy. 25th Anniversary video of Peace Economics. Unlike the baffled climate experts he can explain the fifteen year 1998-2013 slow global warming and predicts much stronger warming after 2025. See website for other links, and

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