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Ishi Nobu -- Indpendent Scholar & Spiritual Guru
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Ishi Nobu -- Indpendent Scholar & Spiritual Guru
Portland, OR United States
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Scott Lorenz
Plymouth, MI
United States
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Ishi Nobu -- Indpendent Scholar & Spiritual Guru
Ishi Nobu -- Indpendent Scholar & Spiritual Guru

In the far future, alien scholars from a nearby galaxy discover Earth: a beautiful planet with the ruins and records of an ancient, global civilization. What would they say about humanity? What might they see influenced this ape from the very beginning, and thereby set the trajectory of their history? What would a post-mortem examination reveal about the causes of their demise? In his revealing new book, The Story of Humanity: Ecology & Consequence, scholar Ishi Nobu uses this objective viewpoint to frame his natural history of humanity.

"This is my 12th book," says Ishi Nobu. "Having written comprehensively about the sciences and on spirituality, I wanted to pen a historical saga.

"There is a chasm of perspective between natural history and history. History books cover events within societal, ideological, or cultural context. Natural history books take an evolutionary perspective in viewing biological dynamics with events as outcomes"

"The futuristic sci-fi setting makes the storyline unequivocal," shares Ishi Nobu. "Human history has been a continuum, civilization an unwavering vector. From the perspective of the present, the book's conclusion is a prophecy: that self-extinction is impending. But that's just the takeaway, not the content"

About the author: Ishi Nobu is a brilliant independent scholar & guru who conveys his deep comprehension of Nature and reality. These efforts are displayed in his comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Nature, human endeavor, and spirituality. His previous books: The Red Pill: Mastering The Matrix; Clarity: The Path Inside; Unraveling Reality: Behind the Veil of Existence; and the 8-book Spokes of the Wheel cycle: The Science of Existence, The Web of Life, The Elements of Evolution, The Ecology of Humans, The Echoes of The Mind, The Fruits of Civilization, The Pathos of Politics,The Hub of Being. 

Nobu is renowned for deliberate, incisive scholarship. He has the rare talent of drawing insights from multiple disciplines and weaving them into a revealing consilience. Follow Nobu on Twitter @ishinobu_actual