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Peter J. Crosa - Insurance Adjuster - Private Investigator
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About: Peter J. Crosa is President and CEO, of Peter J. Crosa & Co. Independent Insurance Adjuster & Private Investigator He is certified by: Insurance Institute of America Society of Registered Professional Adjusters. Past President of National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters Fellow, International Federation of Adjusting Associations National Speakers Association Author ...
American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance
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About: Jesse Slome is one of the nation's leading long-term care insurance experts. Executive Director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (, the industry trade group, Slome is the author of 20 books, booklets and consumer guides on the subject of long term care planning. Slome directs annual LTC insurance research studies which are published in the Association's annual Long-Term Care Insurance Sourcebook. Slome is also director of the recently formed American Association for Critical Illness Insurance (
The Alliance - Long Term Care Funding Solutions for All
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About: Bill Jones, CLU, ChFC, LTCP, has been a professional in the insurance industry since age 25, when he became a life insurance agent. His career experience includes 4 years as President at MedAmerica Insurance Co. During that tenure MedAmerica tripled their sales. Bill retired from MedAmerica at the end of 2013. The Alliance provides access to competitive, top commission contracts. These contracts are generally available only to agencies that produce significant volumes of production. By joining The Alliance, agencies collectively help each other validate the carrier production requirements necessary to obtain and keep the top commission contracts.
Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert
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About: Matt McCann is recognized as one of the nation’s leading Long-Term Health Care (LTC) specialists and a nationally known speaker on LTC issues. Since 1998, Matt has been a leader in finding solutions for the physical, emotional and financial burdens LTC places on the American Family. He has been recognized by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance as one of the top specialists in the country. He has also worked in sales management for two of the leading organizations marketing LTC products. Matt now runs his own firm, McCann Insurance Services, Inc.
Vicki Rackner MD --- Selling to Doctors
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About: Would you like to increase your power of persuasion with physicians? Master B2D Communication? -- Author, speaker and consultant Dr. Vicki Rackner helps you understand how doctors think, quickly build rapport and persuade doctors to 'buy' your ideas, products and services. Whether you work with doctors all day long or you're just breaking onto the physician niche, you can: Dramatically improve your ability to reach physicians, graciously ask for referrals, talk so doctors will listen, craft offers doctors love, avoid the land mines that blow up sales, secure your role as a trusted advisor - Make more sales. Accelerate your business growth by working more effectively with physicians.
Jerry R. Carnahan -- Commercial Insurance Professional
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About: Jerry Carnahan is a commercial insurance professional who also co-authored the Texas edition of 'Stop Being Frustrated & Overcharged,' a book about reducing Workers' Compensation costs. His SmartGuard(R) program, a proprietary process to identify and prioritize businesses' unique risks, was granted a registered trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. Jerry is one of fewer than 1000 people nationwide who have earned the Certified WorkComp Advisor. Jerry's risk philosophy: While being a business owner means living with risk, and some risks are out of your control, others can be minimized or even eliminated. Every business can benefit from a business risk evaluation and ongoing professional risk management. Lower premiums aren't granted magically by insurers. They are earned when businesses become more attractive to insurers. Jerry partners with clients to give advice and provide programs geared to make their business more attractive to insurers.
Larry Levine - Ex Inmate - Prison Consultant & Criminal Justice Expert
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About: Larry Jay Levine is a prison consultant and expert on prison life and the criminal justice system. In 2007 he founded Wall Street Prison Consultants, a firm providing assistance to lawyers and Defendants in Federal Court criminal proceedings. He can be reached 24 hours a day at 213.219.9033 and have expert knowledge and can provide story commentary on Prison Riots, Prison-Escapes, Prison-Inmate Survival, Federal Sentencing, Narcotics-Trafficking, Fraud, Prison-Gangs and Dirty Cops. He was arrested in 1998 by an FBI-DEA Organized-Crime Task-Force, and convicted of narcotics-trafficking, securities-fraud, racketeering, and automatic-weapons, and was sentenced to ten years federal prison and severed time at 11 prisons educating himself in federal criminal law. In 2005, he filed a Habeas-Corpus claiming the DOJ had violated inmate's rights and caused hundreds of inmates to be transferred around the U.S.Upon release he began helping defendants with prison survival and qualify for Federal Sentence Reduction Early Releases.

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