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Mikki Williams. CSP, CPAE
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About: Mikki Williams, CSP, Hall of Fame, TEDx speaker, chosen as one of the best speakers in the country by Meetings and Convention Magazine. Award-winning speaker for Vistage International, Master Chair of executive advisory boards, global celebrity speaker, transformational storyteller, executive speech coach, creator of Speakers School ™, Keynote Kamp ™ and The Mikki Mouth Club™. Mikki has spoken in every US state, every Canadian province, every continent except Antarctica… where she can’t wear her stiletto’s.
Jan McInnis - Humor in Business Expert
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About: Top keynote speaker and comedian Jan McInnis has written for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show monologue as well as many other people, places and groups – radio, TV, syndicated cartoon strips, and even guests on the Jerry Springer show (her parents are proud). For over 25+ years she’s traveled country sharing her unique and practical tips on how to use humor in business (yes it’s a business skill!). Through her humor keynotes on change management, communications, and failure, Jan helps leaders use the power of humor to instantly connect with others, make their message memorable, diffuse tension, and get people to listen. Jan is recognized as a top funny female speaker and comedian. Her keynotes offer plenty of clean humor and sold take-away tips.
Carolyn Strauss -- Virtual Emcee and Sales and Persuasion Expert
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About: How are your Dollars Per Minute? To increase sales and the ability to persuade an audience to accept invitations, offers and requests, organizations call Carolyn. She is a highly sought after virtual and in person speaker who works with organizations who want to enhance engagement, sales and increase their Dollars Per Minute. Carolyn is a CEO (CSC Studio on HSN),a television personality and a 4...

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