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Edward Segal Communications
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About: PR guru Edward Segal is an expert on the good, bad and ugly ways individuals and organizations behave and react in the public spotlight. Segal's advice is based on his experience as a journalist, public relations consultant and congressional press secretary. He is a former PR consultant to more than 500 corporations and organizations including Marriott, Ford, E-Myth Worldwide and the Consumer Electronics Association. He was senior medin relations consultant for Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and was the marketing strategies columnist for The Wall Street Journal?s Segal is the author the PR handbook, Getting Your 15 Minutes of Fame.
National School Safety and Security Services -- Ken Trump
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About: National School Safety and Security Services is a Cleveland-based, national consulting firm specializing in K-12 school security and emergency preparedness issues. Kenneth S. Trump, President, has over 25 years school safety experience with school and public safety officials from all 50 states and Canada. Ken is one of the most widely quoted school safety experts and has appeared on all cable and network news.
Albert Goldson
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About: I'm Albert Goldson, Executive Director of Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC, a NYC-based boutique global advisory firm and think-tank that provides international investment strategies and geopolitical security risk assessments with a focus on energy security. As a former Public Policymaker and Chief Negotiator for over 300 architectural & engineering, energy and urban planning & security contracts with a value of $1 billion, my firm also provides executive coaching to facilitate assist cross-cultural communications. I'm a contributing writer and have appeared frequently as an expert guest panelist on international podcast & TV programs on a wide-range of topics. My professional affiliations include the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Foreign Policy Association, Japan Society, Overseas Press Club of America, New York International Arbitration Center and Aircraft Owners & Pilot Association.
Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H. Media Psychiatrist
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About: Internationally renowned, Dr. Carole Lieberman is the psychiatrist the world turns to for help coping with today's times. Hundreds of interviews include Oprah, Larry King, the Today Show, Good Morning America, O'Reilly Factor, ET, Court TV, the N.Y. Times & USA Today. She is the author of Coping With Terrorism: Dreams Interrupted, and Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them, and When to Leave Them. A multiple Emmy-award winner for her TV work, she is also the host of 'Dr. Carole's Couch', an Internet radio show on The news/entertainment industry relies upon Dr. Carole for her uncanny ability to jump in, deliver and excel in any position for which she is needed: TV/radio host, commentator or regular guest; author; trial analyst; reality show therapist; and much more. If it's breaking news... she's on it. Dr. Lieberman has a high-profile clinical and forensic practice, and is on the Clinical Faculty of UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute.
Gail Winston -- Winston Mid East Analysis and Commentary
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About: Mid-East regional conflicts, weapons, war, technology and oil. Forecasts of probable scenarios: relations between Washington & Jerusalem. Radio & TV interviews & good with live call-ins. 150 interviews during the Gulf War. Have published over 3,500 related articles in USA Today, Washington Post, U.S. Defense News, Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune. Articles available via e-mail.
Farhana Qazi - American Muslim Scholar, Speaker & Storyteller
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About: Farhana Qazi is an American Muslim researcher born in the cultural city of Lahore, Pakistan. As a baby, she migrated to a small town in Tennessee until her family moved to the heart of Texas, where...
Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD -- Anti-Aging Medicine Expert
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About: President, International Academy Anti-Aging Medicine (501-c-3), and HK STEM CELL RESEARCH, Redondo Beach, CA. Recipient of 14 Awards from worldwide medical organizations for 'EXCELLENCE IN ANTI-AGING RESEARCH: . Interviews: 310-634-2478; a regular on radio/TV, co-host on NBC-KCAA radio. Presenter at medical Congresses worldwide; made medical history with his own 100% heart recovery protocol after extreme side-impact car accident that had ruptured his heart; LA 6.7, A-fib, EF 28%. Author of 8 books on health, applied anti-aging, and Climate Change. Presently: 'LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to Control your Genes to stay Young with Age'; available as health education e-book for $ 1.99. Soon to come: 'NUTS! to the Climate Change Denialists.' Keynote/motivational speaker: Anti-aging/fitness at ANY age. Background: U. Munich Med. School, physiology under Nobel Laureate Butenandt. PhD, SUNY Stony Brook, NY. Professor of chemistry, aging research, RU, Chicago. Personal: Pilot, fitness, member Long Beach Mounted Police.
Michael Nathanson
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About: The Who, What, Where, How and Why of international terrorism happening now, inflicted by people dedicated to our destruction and fought against by admirable people dedicated to our preservation. New Texas author Michael E Nathanson brings a careful examination of the contemporary increased incidence of violence throughout the country and the globe and begs investigation as to etiology or cause ...
Nezam -- Expert in Islamic Matters
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About: Nezam was raised as a Shia Muslim and is in the process of releasing a series of books which provides dependable details of the operation of the Arab Shiite system of mind controlling. The setting begins with the Persian Empire of 'Iran' as a base of operations for achieving the ultimate goal of Arab hegemony (supremacy) through a line of attack of Assault Upon the World, particularly The War a...

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