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Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT -- Healing and Spiritual Growth
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About: Professional Speaker and consultant focuses on Therapeutic Hypnotherapy/ Holistic Counseling and education. In Who's Who in America and Manchester's 'Who's Who' for her pioneering work in healing the causes of trauma and illness. Inspirational and knowledgeable presentations from personal understanding and research for solutions. Addresses all addictions, illness, domestic violence, rape/incest, relationships, health, healing, and educational issues. Shares over sixty years of teaching school, college, and spiritual organizations. Award-winning international writer, Author, speaker, consultant, teacher, medium, reader, and counselor. In addition, an internationally board certified regression therapist including past life regression, IBRT. A spiritual ordained minister, and member of American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH),life member of Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) and lifetime member of the National Education Association (NEA).Read her blog at, her writings on and see her web site, Angelica's for all her many talents and help.
Karina Krepp -- Treal Training
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About: Dream affirmative living. Holistic and aligned with my purpose on the planet. In tune with nature and with my own nature. Knowing what foods feed me the energy for my dreams. How to balance the yin and yang of the universe. Not too much not too little. The deep connection between quiet, rest and wellness. To be the best healer, speaker, mother, I must first be healthy. I must know myself, see my path, be intimate with my breath. Challenge and progression, learning and application are the heart of the warrior's journey. I would love to see you make yourself better. The road to your dream requires a keen self awareness. Shape your day toward creating your future self. Exercising to work in as well as work out. Structural alignment and chakra alignment. Heavy lifting and deep breathing.
Coach Castle
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About: It is coach castles passion to educate others about the mental and physical resources and tools needed to achieve ideal health and mental energy levels to achieve their dream life. as coach castle would say. "its time you realized you are the driver of your life not its passenger."
Rev. Dr. Robert L. Gram -- Author of Christ and Covid-19, Meditations for Peace in Times of Turmoil
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About: I wrote the following for parishioners and friends of St. John’s Reformed Church in Red Hook, New York. The church hired me as interim pastor last October when their full time minister underwent serious surgery, entailing several months of recuperation. The pastor’s medical complications prolonged my tenure which should have ended in March. Covid-19 exploded in our area by then. We suspended worship in the sanctuary, and I started preaching on YouTube. Because of the virus, pastors couldn’t perform tasks like home and hospital visitation. I felt the need to do more in light of this sudden and startling tragedy. Thus the writing of meditations compensated for the pastoral roles Covid-19 had stolen. I retired from full time ministry in 2017. Some pastors end their careers publishing sermons, prayers, or meditations.
SD Shanti -- Prescriptions for Hope
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About: SD Shanti is a behavioral scientist, public health professional, pediatric dentist, teacher, author, and founder of Prescriptions for Hope, a nonprofit foundation established to improve the health of individuals and populations through broadening the reach of research-based psychology worldwide. Previously named the Global Alliance for Violence Prevention, Prescriptions for Hope carries forward the foundation’s work as a public dissemination center for research-based psychological information on resilience, violence prevention, depression prevention, and the reduction of negative social determinants of health, such as illiteracy.

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