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Farwest Corrosion Control Introduces Electrobraze Cathodic Protection Pin Braze System
Kathleen McEntee -- Marketing Expert Kathleen McEntee -- Marketing Expert
Downey, CA
Thursday, February 13, 2020

Farwest Corrosion Control Introduces Electrobraze Cathodic Protection Pin Braze System

Farwest Corrosion Control Company has introduced the Electrobraze Cathodic Protection Pin Braze System.  Farwest is an industry pioneer and leader in Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control services for industries that maintain underground and underwater infrastructure, storage systems or other submerged metallic structures.  The Electrobraze Pin Braze System makes cathodic protection cable connections to above and below ground steel structures. The Electrobraze System was designed to be easy to use, reliable and adaptable to even the most challenging applications. 

The Electrobraze System was designed for the rigors of field applications.  "We are proud to be putting the Farwest brand on another high quality, field-tested cathodic protection product," commented Troy Rankin, President of Farwest.  In reliable operation for more than 10 years, the Electrobraze system is now available to the U.S. cathodic protection market.  With its advanced design, stainless steel construction and low maintenance track record, the Electrobraze is a self-contained toolkit with battery pack and accessory options .  "Installing cathodic protection solutions can require attaching negative cables, test station wires, sacrificial anodes and other cables to piping, tanks, and similar metallic structures.  Corrosion professionals need reliable, easy to use products when protecting and maintaining pipelines and other critical structures.  And, it's important that equipment not only be reliable and easy to use, but also cost efficient.  Electrobraze does just that," he continued.

Corrosion control and the need for cathodic protection solutions continue to be essential for pipelines, storage tanks and other underground and underwater structures as they age.  The cathodic protection industry worldwide is estimated at over $10 billion and growing. Farwest has recently expanded its presence in Arizona and New Mexico with the addition of cathodic protection industry veteran, Tim Mullen.  Mr. Mullen has over 22 years of experience on construction and technical projects related to corrosion prevention.

Detailed information about the Electrobraze Cathodic Protection Pin  Braze System can be found on the Farwest website https://www.farwestcorrosion.com/ or by calling the Customer Support team at (310) 532.9524.

About Farwest Corrosion Control Company
Farwest Corrosion Control Company is an industry pioneer and leader in comprehensive cathodic protection and corrosion control services and related products. The firm is known for finding solutions to difficult problems through quality products, sound engineering solutions and onsite installation services. Founded in 1956, Farwest remains privately held, family owned and is a Certified Woman Owned Business. The firm is headquartered in Downey, CA, has eight regional operations and over 175 employees nationwide. Farwest: The Right Product. The Right Solution. The Right People. For more information about Farwest products and services, FarwestCorrosion.com or (310) 532.9524.

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