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Key Membership Benefits:

One) Push technology for your news releases --- pushing your news out ten ways including Google News. Plus blog syndication to pull your posts and push syndicate.
Barrons's wrote: "A treasure trove of information without which most journalists could not function."

Your News Releases are distributed ten ways:
1) Syndicated to Google News.
2) Pushed to -- the leading professional search resource.
3) Shown instantly on the ExpertClick front page.
4) Shown in your Press Room Page.
5) Shown in your Speaker Bureau Platform Profile.
6) Shown in search on all your topics.
7) Referenced by Icons in your Press Room & Platform Profile.
8) As unique search engine optimized pages.
9) At for releases with audio or video.
10) With RSS feeds you can pull into your social media accounts.

Two) Internet Press Room designed for SEO with inbound links from tens of thousands of other member's press rooms and news releases - driving inbound links to your website. Number of inbound links is one of the most important ranking test by Google and other search engines.
-- USA Today called our website: "A Hot Site."

Three) Your profile in the printed and PDF editions of the 2025 Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons
-- called "Dial-an-Expert" by The New York times.

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Annual membership costs shown:





Benefits from Signature:
  • Includes sending two news releases a month.
  • press room with link to your website, direct email link to you, four images, 1,000 words, and option for social media plug-ins from LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. Indexed on up to 39 topics you choose, and social media share buttons.
  • Your presence will be the in the 3rd ranking, below the presentation of news releases and blog posts of other higher-ranking members.
  • Search Engine Optimization set up and URL handle designed to get you found better on your key phrases. You can set meta tags, meta topics, meta text, image text, and use do follow text embed links to drive web visitors to your website. We can also help you choose the best relevant key phrases and set-up. We have been doing this for 20 years, and although the SEO results are not instant, members have had success including #1 top of Google search results.
  • This membership level is not included in the printed Yearbook of Expets.
  • Membership icons you can place on your website to show your Validated Expert Credentials.





Benefits from Classic:
You get all Signature benefits too!
  • Profile in The Yearbook of Experts --image & 100 words -- 1/3rd of a page.
  • You can send up to three news release a week. You can include video from YouTube, full HTML of your email newsletter, and an opt-in form so viewers can join your mailing list.
  • Blog syndication where we pull your blog posts and push it out nine ways. This is fully automatic - we will set it up for you and then every time you post a new blog we will pick it up and push it out.
  • Middle Ranking at for your press room and news releases. Above the Signature profiles, news releases, and blog posts. Your press room has a link to your website, direct email link to you, four images, 1,000 words, and option for social media plug-ins from LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. Indexed on up to 39 topics you choose, and social media share buttons.
  • Speaker Bureau Profile with the International Platform Association. There is a 15% booking fee when do the introductions, coordination, and we make the arrangements for you to speak, get engaged for training, coaching or consulting. No fee if you are booked directly.
  • You can add a topic to the front page favorite topics list.





Benefits from Premier:
You get all Signature and Classic benefits too!
  • Full page in the Yearbook of Experts. Your 8.5" X 11" PDF can appear in color in the PDF version. B&W in the printed copy. Guaranteed right-hand page location.
  • Use of News Release Wire -- You can send daily if you like. Or enter in advance to set up releases to run on a schedule.
  • Top Ranking at ExpertClick for your press room and news releases.
  • News Releases featured above profiles in search.
  • Banner Ad to appear on topic of your choice -- This is key way to be shown first on your main topic. We can create the banner ad for you at no cost. (banner ad sold separately at $129 year.)
  • You can specify up to two special keywords you want to appear on the front page at

Results members get - the deliverables.

News media interviews. Journalists love the system for they know our experts have "skin in the game," welcome interviews, and respond to inquires.

Pick up of your news releases by other sites, including Google News.

Search Engine optimization - You get inbound links to your website from your postings. Many members have 100,000 plus page views. You'll be in good company - we screen very carefully who we let in and that ensures trust In the network.

Badges and buttons. You can share links to your ExpertClick press room and Platform speaker bureau on your site - adding verification of your expertise.

Testing ideas to get comments - Members validate the value of their ideas and concepts they are working by sharing as news releases and blog posts - and get response to fine-tune their ideas.

Quotes from Experts with great results:

'The Wall Street Journal called me: their story about my marketing boot camp resulted in speaking offers.' - Arnold Sanow, MBA, CSP

"The Today Show, Inside Edition, ESPN, MSNBC & CNN" - Lauren J. Fix, Automotive Consultant/Expert

' is my dependable one-stop source for getting the news out about my book, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos effectively, efficiently, and quickly.' - Edward Segal, Crisis Management Expert, Consultant, and Author

'I got an email from a New York Times writer assigned to check out Munchausen's Syndrome, who said every time he did a search on Lexis, my news releases were the first seen.' - Barbara Bryan, National Child Abuse and Resource Center.

"I use it to send out my email newsletter" - Alan Weiss.

'Business Week, AP, Fox News, Bloomberg Radio from one news release.' - Paul Dickson, Author

'Inside Edition, MSNBC, Parenting Magazine, Child Magazine, The Boston Globe & Oprah' - Debra Holtzman, Child Safety Expert

'World News Tonight, NPR, CBS Radio & CNN.' - Professor Doug McCabe, Labor Expert, Georgetown University.

'Significantly increased our media calls, national networks, outstanding results.' - Mark Rosenker, Electronic Industries Association.

Note about testimonials. Your results may differ. These results are based on journalists interest in specific topics.

You satisfaction is assured with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Note: Over time our features and benefits may change.

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  • 3 Free Agents
  • Email Ticketing
  • Customer Management
  • Help Center
  • Private Knowledge Base

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