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Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
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Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC United States
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Mitchell P. Davis
Washington, DC
United States
Main Phone: 202-333-5000
Contact Phone: 202-333-4904

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Mitchell P. Davis Photo 2008 US Passport
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Always a collector and indexer Mitch won the prestigious Georgetown University Bunn Award for Journalistic Excellence in his freshman year for all the photos he'd taken for the college newspaper. Graduated from the Georgetown Business School in 1982.

His first "real job" with his business degree upon graduation --- was in sales for a company called: "Broadcast Interview Connection" Slated to start in the fall of 1982, the company ceased operation while Mitch was on a summer vacation in the orient with a two week visit to China. He'd learned enough about why that 1982 start-up failed in the two job interviews: Two big reasons were they sold memberships on a monthly basis, and guaranteed ten radio interviews for $500. The monthly nature meant they had lots of churn with one-shot clients, and the guarantee meant that they had to continue to promote clients that we not news worthy and the guarantee attracted clients that were not news worthy in the first place. Then in 1984 he reimagined the business as the Talk Show Guest Directory with two rules: 1) Sell only annual memberships to ensure continuity for the expert, and avoid short term clients. 2) Don't offer a guarantee, for if they were not news worthy it made little sense to keep experts on the roster. Now 33 years later he still has his first client, and a majority of the experts profiled are long term members.

His trip to China was followed up with more international travel and he is a member of the Circumnavigator's Club and has been fully around the world twice – a full navigation over all the meridians twice, and a big 2012 trip to China. He saw lots of change there over 30 years, and was marveled by the trains; the bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai covers the same distance from New York to Chicago, but does so in five hours. The Maglev to the Shanghai airport used magnetic levitation to cruise at 268 miles an hour. …and yes, he is also a model train enthusiast.

The Talk Show Guest Directory was re-titled The Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons® -- ten of thousands of printed copies have been requested by the news media. The New York Times called the book "Dial-an-Expert" Now the focus it the www.ExpertClick.com website and push syndication via www.NewsReleaseWire.com The web site was called: 'a dating service of PR," by PRWeek.

He is an avid dancer and often found at Glen Echo Park dancing Swing, Tango and Square Dances. .