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FeaturesUSA -- Publicity Services
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About: Features USA offers five publicity services: 1) ExpertClick memberships with free news releases -- 30-day Free Trial 2) interviews from Michael Butler -- Guaranteed show placement and Sound Cloud audio for your website. He will write the questions with you. 3) Book Publicity from Scott Lorenz -- 4) Press Relea...

Yearbook of Experts® & News Release Wire member profiles
News USA
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About: Your Premier Source For News Content & Copyright Free Media Placements. NewsUSA has created and placed over 15,000 editorially sound newspaper, radio and online features that educate and inform consumers about finance, health, safety and travel as well as home and holiday topics. The Public Relations (PR) advertising specialists of News USA have accounted for media placements and social syndication of copyright free articles in excess of 3.2 million. Associations, government agencies, foundations and consumer product and service companies look to NewsUSA's editorial expertise and our expansive network of newspapers, web sites and radio stations to efficiently and effectively deliver

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