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Four Reasons Why The 25th Amendment Must Be Invoked
Ron Karr -- CSP  -- Sales Leadership Expert Ron Karr -- CSP -- Sales Leadership Expert
New York, NY
Thursday, January 7, 2021



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Ron Karr, Author of The Velocity Mindset®- How Leaders Eliminate Resistance, Gain Buy-in and Achieve Better Results- Faster says the 25th Amendment must be invoked to remove Donald J Trump from office. If a CEO of any publicly traded company behaved in this appalling fashion, there's zero doubt he or she would be fired by the company's board. In fact, it would be breach of fiduciary responsibility to not fire the CEO. This president has breached his fiduciary duty to the United States of America and we must immediately move to  hold him accountable. Here is why:

  1. The underlying framework of the constitution and structure of the government  was to create a system of checks and balances to protect any one of the three branches from gaining enormous power that can sabotage the democratic experiment.  The executive branch is in power to lead the country forward.  The Congress (both houses) is a check and balance barrier  to a leader in the executive branch who goes rogue and goes against the constitution in protecting only his own personal interests.  

This is a great opportunity for both parties to form a bipartisan bond and do their legislative duty in removing this rogue leader.  If they do not, they are in breach of their oath.

  1. Why do it with only two weeks left?  Because this behavior cannot be allowed to ever happen again.  A line was crossed.  Similar to a Judge who throws the book at a defendant because their crime was so heinous an example needs to be made, we are in that situation with the current President.

  1. Punishment- Since President Trump is only concerned with his personal interests and gains, the only punishment that will impact him is to be fired immediately and not be given the privilege to stand on the inauguration platform to transfer power.  This is a privelge to be on that platform.  How can Congressional members allow his presence when he just incited a riot that put all of their lives in jeoparday.  They must stand up and act appropriately.

  1. Arrest Warrant for Rudy Guiliani- the US DOJ must issue an arrest warrant immediately for intentionally inciting a riot with his words "trial by combat".  All politicians must learn that their words matter and they will have blood on their hands as both Guiliani and Trump have for this incident.

The US democratic system of government cannot sit idly by and do nothing based on what happened yesterday.

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