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Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD -- Anti-Aging Medicine Expert
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About: President, International Academy Anti-Aging Medicine (501-c-3), and HK STEM CELL RESEARCH, Redondo Beach, CA. Recipient of 14 Awards from worldwide medical organizations for 'EXCELLENCE IN ANTI-AGING RESEARCH: . Interviews: 310-634-2478; a regular on radio/TV, co-host on NBC-KCAA radio. Presenter at medical Congresses worldwide; made medical history with his own 100% heart recovery protocol after extreme side-impact car accident that had ruptured his heart; LA 6.7, A-fib, EF 28%. Author of 8 books on health, applied anti-aging, and Climate Change. Presently: 'LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to Control your Genes to stay Young with Age'; available as health education e-book for $ 1.99. Soon to come: 'NUTS! to the Climate Change Denialists.' Keynote/motivational speaker: Anti-aging/fitness at ANY age. Background: U. Munich Med. School, physiology under Nobel Laureate Butenandt. PhD, SUNY Stony Brook, NY. Professor of chemistry, aging research, RU, Chicago. Personal: Pilot, fitness, member Long Beach Mounted Police.
Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D. -- Age Brilliantly
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About: We are living longer, with greater wealth and health. Living up to 100+, with financial freedom and vitality, is now possible--if you plan for it. Imagine the unlimited potential to explore what life has to offer! Most people miss planning to live a longer life, thus end up regretful positions. Age Brilliantly is here to change that. With a longer life span, how do you make those days meaningful and fulfilling? What resources do you need to make your plan possible? Age Brilliantly is an interactive community platform that provides you with the resources you need to create a fulfilling life plan and to help you make the best aging decisions so you can lead a fulfilling life to 100+.. Join as a member and get exclusive access to interact with members and experts, stay informed and be the first to know about events/workshops!
HeavenSentHemp TEAM
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About: HeavenSentHemp specializes in production of artisanal, highly bio-active endocannabinoid-rich (and CBD rich) hemp extracts. They contain verified 600 mg CBD per ounce. They are made by a proprietary organic olive oil extraction process with the goal of providing organic hemp/CBD products that are more biologically active than those made by the pharmaceutical technology of supercritical CO2 extr...

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