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HeavenSentHemp TEAM
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HeavenSentHemp TEAM
Nashville, TN United States
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Dr. Brent Davis
Nashville, TN
United States
Main Phone: 615-780-5927
Contact Phone: 931-329-3131
Cell Phone: 615-430-1845
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Dr. Brent Davis -- HeavenSentHemp

HeavenSentHemp specializes in production of artisanal, highly bio-active endocannabinoid-rich (and CBD rich) hemp extracts. They contain verified 600 mg CBD per ounce. 

They are made by a proprietary organic olive oil extraction process with the goal of providing organic hemp/CBD products that are more biologically active than those made by the pharmaceutical technology of supercritical CO2 extraction, and conventional alcohol-based extraction methods. 

Their performance is tested clinically first by HeavenSentHemp clinical formulator, Dr. Brent Davis, and then put to the test by holistic health professionals around the U.S. that follow Dr. Davis' work. 

Examples of doctor Davis evaluating the unique action of the HeavenSentHemp products are found in the media section of the HeavenSentHemp website at this link: https://www.heavensenthemp.com/videos/ 

Dr. Davis is a seasoned speaker and seminar presenter on holistic medicine topics, and particularly the expansive applications of hemp/CBD products for stress resistance, regeneration, and anti-aging.