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Charles Page MD -- Texas-based Surgeon, Author, Storyteller
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About: Dr. Charles 'Chuck' Page is a is a Texas-based surgeon, author, storyteller, who’s known as the 'best guy to see on the worst day of your life'” For the past two decades, he’s served as a healer for thousands of patients and a confidant for their loved ones. Compiling stories from his walks alongside patients dealing with health crises, Chuck penned A Spoonful of Courage for the Sick and Suffering, the first in a series of books written to support and encourage those who are sick or suffering, as well as their caregivers.
Mellanie True Hills -- Health and Productivity Expert -- StopAfib
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About: This best-selling author is your internationally-recognized expert on heart disease, wellness, workplace productivity, stress, life balance, and women's business success. As founder of the American Foundation for Women's Health, she saves lives by sharing her near-death experiences with heart disease and stroke and launched to advocate for patients with atrial fibrillation, a life-threatening irregular heartbeat. Her successful track record as transformation agent includes being a high-tech executive and an Internet pioneer (Dell, Cisco, JCPenney).
Michael J. Herman --Motivation Attitude Sales Extraordinary Everythhing In Life.
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About: Michael J. Herman is an American writer, author, screenwriter, producer, speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He started his career as a TV & film writer for such shows as In Living Color, Doogie Howser, MD, and Married With Children, & others. For 24 years Mike has criss-crossed the planet speaking on various topics relating to Attitude, Achievement, & Humor. From 1997-'15 Michael authored & published the daily syndicated column The Motivational Minute to more than 200 magazines and newspapers, a total of more than 7,000 daily editions. In addition, Michael has authored 14 books.
Bridgitte Jackson Buckley
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About: The Gift of Crisis will show how repeated crises can serve as a catalyst for courageous change to reveal the underlying purpose challenge and hardship, and how questions posed during a meditative s...

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