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Kathryn Brown Ramsperger -- Author & Intuitive Life Coach(R)
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Kathryn Brown Ramsperger -- Author & Intuitive Life Coach(R)
Rockville, MD United States
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Kathryn Brown Ramsperger
North Bethesda, MD
United States
Contact Phone: 301-503-5150
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Life Coach

Kathryn Ramsperger is an international communication expert and intuitive life and creativity coach who can help you change your life. She draws on her experience in journalism, fiction, and publishing, multicultural communication, global citizenship, and women's and children's issues. Her recent multicultural novel The Shores Of Our Souls is recipient of four national book awards. Kathryn created Ground One LLC to connect, coach, and collaborate with people from all over the world to build a new world from the ground up. She uses her cutting-edge, experiential coaching approach to assist her clients to transform their lives. A lifelong writer, she's been a coach over a decade. 

She also uses her own trademarked process, Step Into Your Story, to help her clients write their stories and heal their own lives through the use of story. Kathryn also uses an approach called InVision, which she's certified in through the Master Intuitive Coach Institute, founded by Colette Baron Reid.

Kathryn writes and speaks about parenting kids with differences, being in interracial and multicultural relationships and families, living a limitless, label-less life, and all facets of writing and story craft.