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Stop Being Sensible????
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Wednesday, March 10, 2021


I have had trouble settling down to write this blog.  And the truth of the matter is that I am slightly depressed.  Everyone is slightly – or majorly – depressed these days, you might say.  But the Corona virus is not what is keeping me from writing this blog.  It is the result of reading another blog – VitalVegas.     I had seen mention of this blog for years, but I had been too busy writing books, and articles, and my own blog while fitting in personal in-the-casino activity to give this blog a read.

Well, I have more leisure time now.  And for a couple of nights I have been staying up half the night to catch up on this new-to-me writing.  I am blown away by it.  Perhaps partly because I am so familiar with the subject material – I have been to or heard about or even written about most of the subjects.  But most of all I am in awe about a writing style that grabs the reader by the neck – and never lets go.

I long to write like that.  But my work will never be described as edgy.  For over 20 years I deliberately tried to avoid as much as possible pointing out the negative aspects of Las Vegas and casinos, concentrating on giving positive advice on how to cope with the reality.  I took the little-Miss-Sunshine role.  And to be absolutely frank, at times I didn’t name names because I wanted to protect my own hunting grounds!

In the last couple years or so, I did begin to point out areas where I thought casinos were being unwise.  I never blamed the casinos for not wanting people like me who were negatively affecting their profitability (even though I thought they were overreacting to an extremely small issue) but I saw and wrote about those draconian actions that were negatively affecting all their customers.

I thought about the comparison between “VitalVegas” and this blog.  Probably the most common adjective readers – even my most loyal fans – would use to describe “Frugal Vegas” might be “sensible” (like sensible shoes – not very fashion-forward but more comfortable).  I wondered if I could make this blog a little more edgy, a little more in-your-face.  I could try – maybe?

But I did think of one possibly more forward-thing I could do – I could start taking and posting selfies.  I have always considered them in the realm of anxious middle-school girls who lack self-confidence – and, not surprising, many of their male counterparts (most who have temporarily dropped out of the human race to become monkeys who are fixated on their private parts). However, sadly, also the adult realm seemed to be crowded with narcissism. So I tried to stay out of that realm.

But yesterday Brad and I was sitting on the beach at our apartment complex lake, not near anyone else so we were observing proper social distancing, and a new thought popped into my head. Time to try something new – and besides I wanted to show how a faux palm tree, with colorful coconuts, could lift one’s spirits – at least temporary – in this dark time.  Here is my first selfie:

NOTE: I will unfriend or de-friend anyone who comments that I am looking good. I don’t look particularly good at all. I haven’t put on makeup or curled my naturally straight straggly hair for weeks – and I don’t plan to do so for at least a month – and maybe longer.

Here is my second selfie:

You may comment on the second selfie if you don’t gush – the longer I don’t cut Tom’s hair, the curlier and thicker it looks, which seems a little unfair to me.

I’m not sure if I will ever take another selfie.  It didn’t seem to inspire me to write edgy words and I don’t feel like addressing anyone right in their face.

I may just have to continue writing sensibly until I can find a new and comfortable style.  Hang on, readers, who knows what the future holds here.

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