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How to Build Trust With Your Customers by Using Words of Empowerment
Jeffrey Gitomer  ---- Sales Expert Jeffrey Gitomer ---- Sales Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Charlotte, NC
Tuesday, December 7, 2021


For the last couple of weeks, I (Jeffrey) have been taking a certification program that touches upon language and the power of your words. I learned that when you use soft words like Jen and I stated above, you’re hindering the opportunity to build trust with your customers. Especially because when you use them, you sound less confident.  

The words you choose to speak to someone can either build their trust or destroy it. The challenge for you is that you need to be affirmative and assertive in what you’re saying. Don’t confuse that with aggressive, the goal here is to empower your customers with the choice that makes them want to connect with you, buy your product, and tell their friends. That’s the foundation of how to build credibility.

Believe in your own words and let your tone tell the other person whether to believe them or not. 

Be sure to listen to all of episode 574 for more details on how to show sincere gratitude for your clients & others around you. Then head over to our Insider’s Club to take the assessment and learn what skills you can optimize for success. We’re here to help provide you with the tools you need to effectively improve upon your skillset and move to the top sales spot on your team…We’ll see you on the inside.

Thank you so much for listening to Sell or Die! We hope that this episode helped you to transform the way you express your gratitude for your customers to start building more trust & rapport within your business relationships.

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