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Handling the Unexpected: Why It’s Important To Recover Quickly and Let Things Roll in Sales
Jeffrey Gitomer  ---- Sales Expert Jeffrey Gitomer ---- Sales Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Charlotte, NC
Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Problems and mishaps happen all the time, it’s how you handle them that will determine the outcome. When you are a salesperson and you are meeting with clients or doing presentations there is always something that can go wrong. 

Whether that be your computer stops working, someone shows up late to the meeting, someone doesn’t show at all, etc. You have to be able and willing to adapt to the situation and roll with the challenges. 

You can’t allow the challenges to get the best of you. It’s important to always stay in your best self character. Doing this will help you to react, respond and recover from the situation in the best way possible.

Be sure to listen to all of episode 555 for more details on why it’s so critical to know how to handle things going wrong. Even when you are under pressure, you have to learn to be resilient in any situation. 

Thank you so much for listening to Sell or Die! We hope that this episode helped you understand the importance of continuously showing up as your best self even when things don’t go as planned.

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