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Ever Dreamed of Being a Professional Sports Bettor? Here's What It Takes
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Monday, March 8, 2021

20/20 Sports Betting

Ever Dreamed of Being a Professional Sports Bettor? Here's What It Takes

Successful sports bettors are a rare breed. Of the millions who play, only a few achieve long-term positive results and a fraction of those earn their entire livelihood from their action. 

Among them is Logan Fields. 

Fields placed his first sports bet online in 1999 and soon recognized that sports betting was his life's calling. Only four months later, he left his day job and has been wagering on sports ever since.

In 20/20 Sports Betting, Logan Fields takes you through those early years and chronicles how he managed to steadily build his bankroll and quickly transition to become a full-time pro. But this isn't a memoir. It's a how-to-play and, more important, how-to-think account. Baseball, football, golf, NASCAR, hockey, horse racing—name the sport and Fields tells you how to beat it.

Fields also provides guidance on where sports bettors should play, how to make money in today's markets, what the future of sports betting has in store, and the likely effects of anticipated near-term rule changes. As a bonus, the book includes single chapters on blackjack, the lottery, and even the proper way to bet on Jeopardy!.

Most importantly, 20/20 Sports Betting details how you need to think and operate to be a winning player in this beatable gambling arena.

Get a taste of 20/20 Sports Betting

Home-Run Derby

In the little history the Derby had when I first bet into it, there didn't seem to be any correlation between the perceived power of a player and how he performed in the contest. I figured fatigue had a lot to do with it. In 2003, I chose Garrett Anderson to win. Anderson didn't hit the most homers that night. Albert Pujols hit way more. Anderson simply had better timing. Pujols' 26 homers in the qualifying rounds had obviously taken their toll and Anderson pulled the upset by squeaking out a 9-8 victory in the final. Even though he was clearly not the best home-run hitter on the field that night, Anderson paid off at 20-1.

Fading John Daly

No computer model would have told you to fade John Daly against Justin Leonard at the Justin Timberlake open in October 2012. Daly was actually playing pretty well going into the tournament, but it all came down to the venue: Las Vegas, Nevada. If you've followed Daly's career, you know that he and Vegas don't mix and something dramatic must have happened between Friday night and Saturday morning, as Daly went from a 63 on Friday to an 86 on Saturday.

The Time I Won $45K in Around 10 Seconds

While I was winning this tremendous fortune, others were staring at the television in shock and disbelief. I knew I'd be rolling in dough, but I certainly didn't let on to others that I was profiting from the situation for fear of being pummeled by an angry mob. The date was May 20, 2006: the Preakness Stakes. Barbaro was the horse to beat—and I bet against him heavily.

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