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Empowering Authors with Direct Marketing and Presales
San Francisco Writers Conference San Francisco Writers Conference
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Dateline: San Francisco, CA
Thursday, June 11, 2020


Carla King interviews Smashwords, Mark Coker

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The biggest imperative for authors in 2020 is to build and own a marketing platform that they control.

Retailers and social media platforms mediate the author/reader relationship, preventing direct interaction.

A mailing list is essential for authors to have a direct relationship with their readers.

While direct sales can be beneficial, most authors find that setting up direct sales in collaboration with a retailer that can handle aspects such as fulfillment, customer service, etc. is more successful than setting up their own stores.

Smashwords Presales is a new service that allows authors to sell their books to customers prior to the official release date of a title.

One benefit of Smashwords Presales is the option for readers to provide authors with their email addresses, facilitating the direct relationship between author and reader.

Mark explained that authors are asking the wrong questions when focused on how to do better on Amazon. Instead, they should be focused on how to better serve and engage with their audiences.

According to Mark, Amazon’s polices and practices are putting the indie publishing movement in jeopardy, since indie authors are now dependent on one platform for 70-80% of their sales.

Mark explained that Amazon’s dominance is to the detriment of authors, since Amazon’s motive is to breed dependence.

Mark warned, “We’re moving in a direction where authors are going to have to pay to be read.”

Mark encouraged authors to think long-term and to recognize their power and partner with retailers that have their back.

Smashwords has applied for a patent for its presales technology and hopes to see it used by all retailers – not just in publishing – to empower creators.

Podcast editing and episode notes by author and podcast producer and host Matthew Félix (matthewfelix.com).

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