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Creating Success through Structure & Community
San Francisco Writers Conference San Francisco Writers Conference
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Dateline: San Francisco, CA
Friday, February 12, 2021


Cali Gilbert Creating Success through Structure and CommunityBy Cali Gilbert

So you’ve survived the first month of 2021 and yet for some reason your New Year’s resolution is all but forgotten, as are your writing goals. No need to fear. Today is a NEW day and you get to start over. That’s the great part of waking up each day. You get this blank canvas on which to create the life you envision.

I’m part of that very slim percentage of people who had an AMAZING 2020, and I credit that to creating structure in my daily life, a daily routine that I would follow and would continue to move me forward in pursuit of my dreams, regardless of what was happening around me (i.e. global pandemic). My daily routine took place each morning. I had a number of things that I did beginning with a gratitude session the moment I opened my eyes. This is followed by watching a mini movie I created of my ideal life and meditation. I also practice yoga and listen to mantras and fill out parts of my daily planner. All in all this routine takes about an hour.

My daily planner is something that I credit to making 2020 such a success. I designed it myself because I couldn’t find what I was looking for at office supply stores or online. There’s space for my morning routine, my top priority for the day, and the action steps I plan to take to fulfill that top priority. There’s also space to track my meals, my finances, and journaling.

Creating an outline for your life is similar to that of creating one for a book. You begin with the end in mind. What do you want the end result to look like? What is the plot and theme of the story? Then you get clear on the steps you’ll take to get there. Who are the characters and how does the story come together? The turning points become your chapters and before you know it, you have yourself an outline from which to flush out the full story in your mind.

As writers and authors we know the writing process can be a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding a group of other writers or even other creatives (regardless of medium) is a great way to share your progress, support one another and hold each other accountable. There are several ways you can do this via social media platforms or local groups. Although we can’t really gather in person as much these days as we once could, the Zoom room has become a haven in its own right for great conversations and even collaborations.

So as you move forward in your writing journey, what steps can you take to create some structure in your life, and whom can you reach out to for support? Answering these question will not only create a more constructive space for your creations, but it may just connect you with the right person who can support you in fulfilling your dreams as an author. Here’s to making 2021 our best year yet.


Social Impact - Book to Screen - Cali GilbertCali Gilbert is an international bestselling author, award winning filmmaker and photographer. After publishing several bestselling books of her own, she now supports other creatives through her company, Tower 15 Productions. Cali has a passion for supporting women in transition as an inspirational speaker and transformational coach.

Website – www.CaliGilbert.com 

Instagram @thecaligilbert  

Twitter @thecaligilbert 

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