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A Crash Course in an App: tactikPAK™
Margo Berman - Creative Marketing Expert Margo Berman - Creative Marketing Expert
Miami, FL
Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Copywriting tactikPAK™ app

A New Digital Library of Learning

Fun, interactive business tool is a mobile mentor


Miami, Florida – January 6, 2015 – Florida International University advertising professor, author and inventor, Margo Berman, introduced tactikPAK™, a patented (Patent Serial No. 08/002,155) nine-part, learning system in business-related topics.


An exciting, fit-in-your-pocket interactive tool, the tactikPAK™ mini courses are based on key principles with matching acronyms that explain core concepts in a bite-size, easy-to-digestible nuggets.


Berman designed the interactive system to make learning fun, by sparking creative ideas and innovative thinking. Interactive quizzes at the close each section serve to enhance the learning experience, strengthen comprehension and improve retention. The series, created as ebooks and apps, also helps entrepreneurs, business owners and students quickly build skills in areas of their choice, including:

            •  Advertising    

            •  Copywriting

            •  Creativity       

            •  Design            

            •  Presentation  

            •  Promotion       

            •  Public Relations

            •  Resume

            •  Writing


Users can focus their attention on main points as they go through the module, acronym by acronym. Identical word endings unify each module. For instance, Copywriting has "ance" at the end of each key word.




The first app, Copywriting tactikPAK™, is now on iTunes for iPhones. It's a little study buddy with whimsical visuals and short quizzes. This particular app summarizes the chapters in Berman's earlier work: The Copywriter's Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Strategic Advertising Copy.


The second app to be released on iTunes in the spring of 2015 is Advertising tactikPAK™. That will be followed by the Android version of Copywriting tactikPAK™ later this year.


More info about the tactikPAK™ digital series and her other works can be found on her websites: www.tactikPAK.com, www.MentalPeanutButter.com and www.MetaMindYoga.com.


All of Professor Berman's thirteen books, including the entire tactikPAK™ ebook series are available on Amazon at http://www.Amazon.com/author/MargoBerman.


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After the 2006 release of Prof. Berman’s first book, Street-Smart Advertising (also available in Russian), she has written two more advertising books: The Brains Behind Great Ad Campaigns (2009, co-authored with Robyn Blakeman) and The Copywriter’s Toolkit (2012). In 2010, a second edition of her first book was released. Presently, all of her books are available globally including Asia, Europe, South Africa, India, Canada and Australia.


Her fourth book, MetaMind Yoga (2013, written with Richard Israel), guided readers through exercises to reach inner peace.


Her two 6-CD award-winning webinar sets, Street-Smart Advertising and More Street-Smart Advertising (2008) won a national AWC Clarion Award for Educational Reference. She created Mental Peanut Butter® Training and developed three advertising CDs.


Prof. Berman latest work, tactikPAK™, is a digital library of learning that she invented and patented. This interactive series will be released as ebooks and accompanying apps. As mobile mentors, they are peppered with whimsical illustrations and short quizzes to make learning fun. The first tactikPAK™, Copywriting (app and ebook), was released in November 2014.


Prof. Berman’s collective research from books, webinars and CDs to ebooks and apps are independent as well as interrelated works.


Currently, she is writing her 14th book. This one will focus on advertising campaign strategies.

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