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Monday,12, 2009 is National Clean Off Your Desk Day
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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The second Monday of each year is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. It was created by Mr. Chase's daughter -- the man who wrote Chase's Annual Events.

She wanted her dad to clean off his desk at least once a year.

Eileen Roth, the author of Organizing For Dummies, has designed six principles to help you decide what to keep and what to remove. In fact that is the acronym -- R.E.M.O.V.E. (tm):


R ? Reduce distractions

Remove anything from your desk that is a distraction ? that includes pictures. Move the pictures to walls that are not in your direct vision when you are working at your desk. Then you can look at the pictures when you want to look at them ? AND guests can actually see what your children look like (when they are on your desk your guest only sees the back of the picture frame.)

Remove candy ? an open invitation for people to drop by and interrupt you.

Remove knick knacks ? an invitation for you to play instead of work.

E ? Everyday Use

If you do not use it everyday, take it off your desktop. You probably do not need a staple remover, tape or paper clips (unless you are in accounting) on your desk everyday. Only keep items you use daily.

M ? Move to the preferred side.

Your preferred side is your preferred hand. If you?re right handed, it?s the right side;left-handed, the left side. I prefer to keep pens and pencils in a drawer, but if they are on your desk, keep them on your preferred side as you will reach for them with your preferred hand. Keep a calculator on the preferred side if you use your preferred hand to do the numbers.

There is one exception ? the telephone. Since you want to write with your preferred hand while you talk on the phone, answer the phone with your opposite hand and keep the phone to the opposite side of your work area.

Usually you can get a longer wire from the phone to the wall outlet.

O ? Organize Together

Organize similar items together. So put your message pad next to your telephone. And if you have a business card file or ?Rolodex?, keep that near the telephone too. Keep like with like.

V ? View your Time

Keep your calendar/planner on your desk so you can see your schedule. IT doesn't help to have it in your briefcas when someone calls and wants to make an appointment.

Also purchase a small travel clock to keep on your desk or hang a wall clock so that it?s within easy view. Then you can see your time and not be late for meetings.

E ? Empty the center

Empty the center of the desk. This is your work area. Everything on the desk should be on the perimeter (around the edge). The center should be clear for projects you are working on.

Follow these six principles to clear off your desk.

Eileen Roth is a national speaker and CPO, Certified Professional Organizer. She has appeared on the Today Show, Oprah, and been featured in various magazines like Successful Meetings, Event Solutions,

Women's Day, Men's Health, Reader's Digest, Real Simple, and Self.

Contact Eileen Roth at Everything in its Place, Scottsdale AZ, (480) 551-3445 or visit the website at www.EverythingInItsPlace.net for a free monthly Organizing Ezine.
Eileen Roth
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