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Patty Civalleri -- Italy Travel Books
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About: Visitors to Rome are shown the same Rome that was made popular in 1950s movies. But in the 70 years since, archaeologists have excavated a volume of great new ancient sites that know await visitors. But alas, few know about them. My new book 'ROME Keys to the Ancient City' introduces the New Ancient Rome, ready for your visit.
Cruising Society --- Serving Cruise Ship Passengers
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About: The Cruising Society is an invitation only club of cruising aficionados. They share a mission to maximize member enjoyment of cruises. The club has a travel scoring system to validate members and rank their experiences and aspirations. See and take the Cruising Society Navigator Score text at A shared agenda of many members to validate the navigator score and have it accepted on a reciprocal basis by cruise lines. Cruising Society Navigator Scores are awarded four levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The top 1% of the members are awarded Double Diamond.

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