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Ajay Kaul's 'Mumbai Matinee' Travelogue Free on Kindle thru Aug. 11
Ajay Kaul, Author Mumbai Matinee Ajay Kaul, Author Mumbai Matinee
Orange County, CA
Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Hollywood Book Festival recently awarded Mumbai Matinee an honorable mention at the 2018 event
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-- Fall in love with India and the bustling city of Mumbai in Ajay Kaul's book of short stories, Mumbai Matinee, truth-based fiction that acts as both memoir and travelogue.


Free on Kindle thru 8/11 http://a.co/cf68wJ4


Mumbai Matinee portrays the veritable feast of the commerce, people, and danger which make up India's most populous city and financial capital. Filled with eight interconnected short stories based on Kaul's life and work there, this charming book is a terrific pleasure read and highly recommended if you plan to visit.


"This is one delightful book – more than just a fine memoir.  Ajay Kaul has created a credible contemporary love song to Mumbai and cordially invites us to join him." 

– Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer


"The events and stories captured in Mumbai Matinee are a reflection of my own experiences in and around the city," says Kaul. "What stands out about Mumbai is that it is perpetually open for business. Even occasional acts of terrorism have not been able to create a dent in the commercial mindset of the city. People can look for opportunities and count on them. There is huge encouragement everywhere."


"The tenderness of humanity also abounds on a train, men will stand to give children seating. In Mumbai, life gets shared. You are not alone," says Kaul. 



The stories traverse love, danger, and the compassion of strangers in a city that never sleeps. Meet Sawant, a street vendor whose kiosk serves as the area's gossip and information network; Ashok Pawar, the cop who becomes entangled in bombings and global terrorism, which Kaul experienced first-hand during the 1993 bombings; Rajat and Roohi, the interfaith couple who touch and change Ajay's life; and Smita, actress extraordinaire, who steals his heart in a tragic love story. And what book on India would be complete without a compelling tale of the sport of cricket?


"You will fall in love with Ajay Kaul's mesmerizing memoir, MUMBAI MATINEE." 

- John J. Kelly, Detroit Free Press book reviewer


Mumbai Matinee, ISBN 978-1974413287, 2017, CreateSpace, 212 pages, $9.80 paperback. Free on Kinde thru 8/11 http://a.co/cf68wJ4   Available on Amazon and Goodreads. Follow the author on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ajaykaulwriter/  Book trailer: http://bit.ly/MumbaiMatineeTrailer

The Hollywood Book Festival recently awarded Mumbai Matinee an honorable mention at the 2018 event.


About Ajay Kaul

Ajay Kaul is an engineering manager employed with Amazon, working with Alexa. He was born in India and received his degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, and his MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. As part of his professional career, he spent several years in and around the city of Mumbai, India.

Kaul loves to travel and believes that expanding one's worldview leads to a better understanding and tolerance of others. He has set foot on all seven continents. An extensive writer and blogger on the subjects of management and leadership, Kaul plans to write his next book on the differences between the two.


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