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Cruising Society --- Serving Cruise Ship Passengers
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Cruising Society --- Serving Cruise Ship Passengers
Washington, DC United States
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Contact Information
Mitchell P. Davis
Washington, DC
United States
Contact Phone: 202-333-5000

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The Cruising Society is an invitation-only club of cruising aficionados. They share a mission to maximize member enjoyment of cruises. The club has a travel scoring system to validate members and rank their experiences and aspirations. Membership is free for those who qualify. A shared agenda of many members is to validate the travel score to be accepted on a reciprocal basis by cruise lines. Cruising Society Travel Scores are awarded at five levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The top 1% of the members are awarded Double Diamond. See and take the Cruising Society™Navigator Score test at www.NavigatorScore.com -- the test is free.