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Burton Schuler -- La Luz Press
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About: Dr. Burton S. Schuler, Podiatrist, Foot Doctor, of Panama City, Fl is this country?s leading expert on the painful medical problem know as the Morton's Toe. He is the author of the book Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts In The Foot, which was published in 2009 and has sold over 20,000 trade copies, thousands on Kindle. The book is the story of how the Morton?s Toe can cause pain thru out the whole body. Dr. Schuler is a 1975 graduate of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. He has also written the 1982 The Agony Of De-Feet, A Podiatrist's Guide To Foot Care, His articles about the foot, have appeared in the leading podiatric journals and publications. He has been interviewed by such varied publications as the New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and First for Women.

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