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Writerly tips from an exclusive interview with Jeff Goins
Debbie Weil -- Corporate Blogging Expert Debbie Weil -- Corporate Blogging Expert
Washington, DC
Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Author and blogger Jeff Goins graciously agreed to be one of the expert guests I interview for my Beta Authors. Our conversation was so provocative that I want to share some of the highlights with you.

Jeff is a popular blogger, writer and speaker who has both self-published and traditionally published several books, including Wrecked and the forthcoming The In-Between. He is especially interested in voice in writing.

In Jeff's words, you know you've discovered your writing voice when it represents "the intersection of what deeply satisfies you as a writer and what resonates with (your) audience."

That is a very provocative statement. It means that you need to be striking a chord in your readers with what you are writing. You can't just write about what you are interested in if you want to be a successful blogger and/or author.

We also talked about:

  • Why you need a worldview as a writer. It's what makes your topic stand out even if you're writing about sales and marketing as thousands of other writers do.
He gave Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell as two examples. Seth's worldview, according to Jeff, is that "the system is broken and we can fix it." Gladwell's is: "There is scientific proof for any phenomenon that we see in the business world."

  • How to identify and articulate your worldview (it's not what you think)
  • Why he self-published his first eBook, You Are a Writer Now (So Start Acting Like One)
  • How he wrote the eBook (this will surprise you)
  • How he crowdsourced the cover, editing and formatting
  • How he got over 30,000 downloads
  • What percentage of his income comes from selling information products vs. writing books (over half)
  • Why he does not write every day
And my favorite comment that he made: "What sustains any writer is the perfect mix of grace and discipline."

Click here to go to my blog and listen to the complete interview. 
More about Jeff Goins here.

Or you can download the edited transcript of our 55-minute conversation for a nominal fee.

Yours in finding your writing voice,

P.S. Beta Authors get exclusive access to the edited transcripts of these expert interviews as part of my 8-week Beta Author Boost program. It only seems fair that I charge you a small fee to download the 19-page PDF.

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