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Debbie Weil -- Corporate Blogging Expert
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Debbie Weil -- Corporate Blogging Expert
Washington, DC United States
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Debbie Weil
Stonington, ME
United States
Contact Phone: 202-333-2022
Cell Phone: 202-255-1467
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Debbie Weil is a speaker & consultant and the author of The Corporate Blogging Book (Portfolio 2006). She writes BlogWrite For CEOs , one of the most respected blogs on the topic of blogging and social media for both B2C and B2B companies and organizations.


Debbie has been quoted in The New York Times, the Washington Post, Fortune, USA Today, CNNMoney.com, The Wall Street Journal's StartUp Journal, The Washington Times, Entrepreneur Magazine and numerous other smaller newspapers and trade magazines. She has been interviewed on NPR's MarketPlace and on TV, including Sky News and on the Nightly Business Report


Drawing on her unique background as a journalist and an MBA with corporate marketing experience, she shows large companies how to brand themselves as media-savvy as well as customer and employee-friendly.

Clients include GSK, American College of Radiology, McAfee, HP, Intermec , MACPA, and NIBM.

Debbie worked at Network Solutions, Inc., the original dot com company, and has several decades of experience as a reporter and editor with major newspapers.


Debbie trains and educates companies on corporate blogging via customized presentations. They are delivered remotely via Web and teleconference, or on site.

The presentations get senior execs up to speed on blogs & RSS as a corporate marketing and communications strategy. She suggests ways Fortune 1000 companies can blog, both internally and externally. Who should do the blogging, what to write about and what you can expect in terms of a time and resource investment.

Her presentations are widely praised for being clear and intelligent. She demystifies the blogging phenomenon and explains clearly how blogs can be a cost-effective and powerful addition to your online marketing strategy. Her emphasis is always on the ROI of blogging: how and why blogs are a significant new business tool.

She also works with CEOs and top-level execs who want to use a blog to position themselves - and their companies - as thought leaders in highly competitive markets.



-- Blogging as the New Platform for Corporate Communications - Both Internal and External

-- How To Get Your CEO to Blog and Why He or She Should

Reach her direct at +1 202.333.2022 Eastern. Or on her mobile: +1 202.255.1467 Eastern. Best email to reach her: wordbiz @ gmail DOT com



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