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Workplace Productivity --- Forensics --- Purpose in the Pandemic
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Washington, DC
Sunday, April 11, 2021


Workplace Productivity --- Forensics --- Purpose in the Pandemic

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Marsha Egan, CSP - Workplace Productivity Coach

Celebrated speaker, facilitator, author, and e-mail productivity expert, Marsha Egan has coached CEOs and leaders from some of the country?s top companies and built a thriving coaching firm through networking and professional speaking. She brings over twenty-five years of outstanding corporate and volunteer experience to the leadership of her workplace productivity coaching firm, The Egan Group, Inc.

Her coaching insight is valuable for business and personal angles alike. Media trained, engaging (and with a sense of humor,) she's appeared in countless international media outlets including ABC Nightly News, Fox and Friends, Canada AM, French TV, WNBC Australia, CNN, MSN, and Yahoo. She's been interviewed by The Chicago Tribune, NY Post, Shape Magazine, Washington Post, and Real Simple, to name a few..

Nantucket, MA

Direct phone: 610-777-3795

Cell: 610-780-1640



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Finding Purpose in the Pandemic

Mary L. Flett, Ph.D. -- Aging Expert

I catch myself prefacing what I say about the pandemic because I am not sure how my PICK ONE [feelings], [opinions], [insights] might be received. You see, I am actually grateful for the pandemic.

Let me clarify. I am not grateful that millions of lives have been lost. I am not grateful that people continue to suffer because of it. I am not grateful that economies all over the world have been up-ended and that people have lost their livelihoods, housing, or that human predators have taken advantage of every aspect of this viral scourge.

No, I am grateful because the pandemic has slowed things down enough to reveal the rotten and pitted foundations of governments and systems that so many of us PICK ONE [assumed], [depended on], [never questioned] were there to help us.

I am grateful because arising from this have been people and organizations who have filled the PICK ONE [gaps], [chasms], [holes] and have persisted against all odds in meeting the needs of those around them.

Sonoma, CA

Direct: 707-938-5531

Cell: 707-303-6517



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Michael N. Wakshull --Forensic Document Examiner

Q9 Consulting, Inc. was founded by forensic document examiner, Mike Wakshull. At Q9, we partner with our clients across the United States and internationally to authenticate documents for legal purposes. Services include handwriting identification; signature authentication; and examination of altered documents, computer-generated documents, digital documents, photocopies, contracts, wills, etc.

Our strengths are thorough communication with clients, customer service and clear reports. We communicate in jury-speak rather than techno-geek. When there is work product to share, we use video conferencing so our clients see our screen as we discuss the results of the examination.

Temecula, CA

Direct: 1-951-252-4929

Cell: 805-501-3388



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Expert Round-up --- Seven Experts on Caregiving


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Contented Cow Partners, LLC -- Workplace Experts

Leadership and Employee Relations...No BULL!

No organization can possibly compete in today?s tough economy without the willing and enthusiastic engagement of everyone on the payroll. And when it comes to the topic of people and profit, we wrote the book...literally. Based on years of research on the leadership and employee relations practices of some of America's best managed companies, coupled with 30 years of combined management experience, we address and can comment knowledgeably on:

Richard Hadden, CSP

Jacksonville. FL

Direct Phone: 904-720-0870

Cell: 904-813-4322



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Dr. Beverly Potter -- Cannabis for Seniors

CANNABIS FOR SENIORS -- Seniors is the fastest growing demographic of pot users in the U.S. Cannabis, a once ill-perceived 'street drug', can be a valued asset to Senior wellness, especially when used in conjunction with other physician-recommended forms of therapy. In many cases using cannabis enables Seniors in reducing dependency on narcotic pain meds to avoid opioid addiction—which is becoming an epidemic. Cannabis is much more than a 'weed' Cannabinoids - chemicals in cannabis - interact synergistically with the endocannabinoid (EC) system in the body to help regulate pain, reduce inflammation, decrease stress, and speed recovery time, as well as elevate mood and optimism - all of which can increase Seniors' quality of life. Pot is becoming the 'pill alternative.'

Dr. Beverly Potter

Phone: 904-720-0870 Cell: 904-813-4322 (do not text please)


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D. Kevin Berchelmann - Executive Coach -- Speaker -- Strategist -- Leadership Facilitator

My personal mission is to inspire senior leaders to succeed by positively impacting the lives of those they lead through trust, respect, vision and authenticity, proving that high performance, accountability and demonstrable empathy can coexist.

D. Kevin Berchelmann, CEO and Founder of Triangle Performance, LLC set out nearly two decades ago to take the leadership lessons learned from his military service and senior executive roles in general management, human resources and operations to help companies improve performance by getting the most out of their leadership teams. He is an expert strategist, sought-after executive coach and consultant, and in-demand speaker.

Spring, TX




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Las Vegas Advisor -- Expert Gambling Books

The 2021 Las Vegas Advisor Member Rewards Book is the best incentive package for Las Vegas, and possibly any destination, in the world! Things are a bit different in Vegas right now, but this year's MRB offers represent thousands of dollars in savings on food, drinks, attractions, and lodging, plus more than $600 in expected value from the gambling bonuses.

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Las Vegas, NV

Anthony Curtis

Phone: 702-252-0655



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Expert Round-up LInkedin Experts


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Three New Zantac Studies Confirm Cancer Risks

Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, PC

Los Angeles, Calif., April 6, 2021 - - The results from three new Zantac studies confirm the popular drug contains high levels of a cancer-causing agent (NDMA) and increases the risk of developing several types of cancer. The studies, one from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, one from online pharmacy Valisure, and another from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, all found that at a minimum, Zantac (ranitidine) exposes users to substantial amounts of NDMA and may increase the risk of developing:

Los Angeles, CA

Robin McCall

Direct Phone: 310-207-3233



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