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What’s Adtech and Why Should PR Agencies Care?
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Monday, July 13, 2020


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

New technologies often draw scrutiny from an array of analysts. Adtech is no exception. While adtech has been around for several years, only recently did it catch the attention of tech-savvy firms. With big data being a prerequisite in establishing highly competitive marketing campaigns, adtech platforms have become an important component in today's marketing space. 

As more brands join social media, PR agencies are prompted to investigate innovative approaches to help their clients have a wider reach while maintaining a high ROI. Fueled by studies showing that close to 74% of marketers prefer agencies that are adtech savvy and the benefits that abound for adtech PR agencies, more marketing agencies are adopting adtech.

What's Adtech

Adtech refers to software and tools that marketing agencies use to enhance their targeting, delivery, and analysis of advertising activities. Designed to help advertisers increase returns on their marketing budgets, adtech helps marketing agencies to deliver the right content to a target audience at the right time. These methods reduce wasteful ad-spend. 

Supported by big data platforms, adtech techniques permit PR agencies to place ads effectively, thus reaching the most-appropriate audience. Benefits of highly targeted ad placements include reducing time and effort wastage and enables targeting of users at critical moments. 

To maximize benefits accruing from adtech, ad agencies should integrate big data to facilitate the production of high-impact and highly-profitable placements. 

How can adtech companies and PR agencies coexist? 

To thrive, adtech companies and PR agencies need to forge long-term relationships. These relationships will help maximize the mutual benefits associated with the collaboration between adtech companies and PR agencies. To maximize the benefits, the marketers should:

#1. Communicate regularly

Regular communication between adtech companies and PR agencies is essential. Thanks to the rapid production of new technologies and the integration between tech, content and data, both parties should consult on a regular basis. These associations will help publicize adtech platforms, while allowing PR agencies to deliver high-impact and highly-profitable placements.

#2. Manage expectations

With agencies and adtech pros seeking quick turnarounds for their projects, there is a need for PR agencies to manage these expectations. Particularly, communication agencies should highlight the implications of rushed work on the quality of communication strategies. 

To avoid mediocre communication approaches, PR pros should manage communication processes between adtech and communication agencies. This ensures successful campaigns.

#3. Customize content 

With adtech allowing tracking of clients on different platforms, communication agencies should customize marketing content on different platforms, despite targeting the same audience. Given that monotony in content annoys potential clients and lowers their interest, PR agencies should avoid repurposing content across all channels. 

Specifically, agencies need to customize content for different social media channels. With today's clients being bombarded with loads of information via ads and news, there is a need to adopt a unique approach that limits content monotony and its effects. 

Working hand-in-hand with adtech companies, PR agencies can deliver exceptional marketing that incorporates key statistics.

About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading adtech PR agency.

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