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What Is The True Second Wave Of The Coronavirus?
Dr. Michael Grayson Dr. Michael Grayson
New York, NY
Tuesday, June 23, 2020


A Destroyed Credit Rating, leading to Financial Ruin

Dr. Michael C. Grayson, in Eastern Time, via phone, Skype or Zoom


Intro: We're hearing a lot of talk about a second wave of the Coronavirus. But this expert says it's not going to be one of thousands more people dying of COVID-19. Rather, it's a wave of millions of people poised to see their credit ratings plummet, and their financial health destroyed. 


Helping fight the ability of millions of Americas to save their credit, is Dr. Michael C. Grayson who in 2014 made the cover of REI Wealth Magazine as their editors voted him as "the world's leading credit expert".  


As the papers predict record foreclosures, evictions and defaults, What can be done to stop this from becoming the second Great Depression? 


Dr. Grayson explains that there is hope and he is on the front lines, behind the cameras fighting to eliminate socio-economic injustice. Dr. Grayson has successfully sued creditors and the credit bureaus to hold them accountable.  Currently he is involved in the largest Pro Se litigation in history.  Dr. Grayson is suing Equifax for malicious reporting, fraud and discriminatory practices. 




  1. Why is credit so important in a pandemic? 


Answer: Maintaining a good credit rating is the firewall to solvency. Those with poor credit pay higher interest rates and are denied capital necessary for small businesses. 


  1. How can credit prevent riots in the future?

Answer: By enacting aggressive credit-based financial literacy programs that foster true access to capital, more minorities can become small business owners with access to the American Dream, rather than the temptation to join radical groups to destroy it.  


  1. Congress enacted the Cares Act to help preserve the credit rating of Americans suffering from the negative financial effects of coronavirus.  But you are concerned that credit bureaus and creditors might not comply? You even have gone so far as to sue Equifax for what you call malicious reporting. Tell us about that. 


Answer: I have evidence that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Equifax actively falsifies credit reports.  It has taken me over four years to compile hundreds of documents that will finally put an end to this practice.


  1. Can you give an example or two of malicious reporting?


  1. Why are you so confident that you will win?

Answer: Equifax is currently on their third law firm.  They have hired and fired the biggest law firms in the country to fight a Pro Se litigant who has no lawyer and no formal legal background.  I am armed only with right on my side and the understanding that if I fail, millions will suffer.

  1. Where may we get more information on you and your services?


Answer: At PerfectCredit4Life.com (That's the numeral 4).





*Dr. Grayson, can you please explain to us the importance of repairing business credit in a post virus era?

* What is the overall strategy for small businesses to survive the coronavirus?

* How can you expedite the SBA assistance? 

* Are there other types of funding available to small business? 

* Do I have to pay back the SBA assistance? 

* Should distressed businesses borrow using Merchant Cash Advances?

* How can we boost our credit rating even as our businesses implode?

* Even if you have perfect personal credit why do you need to focus on business credit?

* How long does it take to establish business credit?

* Can the business serve as its own personal guarantor?

* Can really small businesses establish business credit?

* Why is business credit more important than revenue currently?

* Why will so many businesses never reopen?

*Where may we get more information on you and your services?




Title: How to Stop Making Payments: How to legally defer all of your creditor payments including rent and mortgages for 3-12 months and save your credit (Extreme Credit) 


Summary: This amazing manual tells you how to use existing government programs to defer all of your creditor payments including your rent and mortgage for up to 12 months without damaging your credit or creditor relationships. Using this technique, you can also arrange settlements, loan modifications and cancel some types of debts. 

This book is written by the World's leading Credit Expert. Dr. Grayson's techniques are so effective that he offers a $1 million reward to anyone who can beat his records. 


How to Stop Making Payments: How to legally defer all of your creditor payments including rent and mortgages for 3-12 months and save your credit (Extreme Credit)                              






Dr. Michael C. Grayson has a proven track record of over 20 years for helping businesses receive funding. 


Dr. Grayson currently holds all three credit industry records including the world's highest credit score. 


Dr. Grayson provides one-on-one consultation and hands-on processing services every step of the way for individuals and businesses needing assistance with SBA funding or credit management.




One America News with Stephanie Myers interview with Dr. Michael Grayson on The State of the U.S. Economy / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJqlV-jGS6w


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