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Dr. Michael Grayson
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Dr. Michael Grayson
New York, NY United States
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Jerry McGlothlin
Hickory, NC
United States
Contact Phone: 919-437-0001

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Dr. Michael Grayson
Dr. Michael Grayson

 Dr. Michael C. Grayson has a proven track record of over 20 years for helping businesses receive funding. Using his award winning program and your credit score he can get anyone up to $250,000 in personal and up to $750,000 in business unsecured, minimum or no doc funding.  Dr. Grayson currently holds all three credit industry records including the World's Highest Credit Score

Dr. Grayson provides one-on-one consultation, large group video conferencing and hands-on credit, debt and funding services, every step of the way for individuals and businesses needing assistance with debt elimination, SBA funding or credit management.