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What Does A Real Estate Agent Do To Sell Effectively?
Elinor Stutz  --   Top One Percent Influencer and Sales Performance Guru Elinor Stutz -- Top One Percent Influencer and Sales Performance Guru
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Note:  Our collaborative asks, ‘What Does A Real Estate Agent Do To Sell Effectively?’

Experience shows that some real estate agents later enter the world of corporate sales or become entrepreneurs. In contrast, others will leave their previously chosen careers to become real estate professionalsAll three professions are dependent upon business development and sales skills.


What Does A Real Estate Agent Do To Sell Effectively?

A real estate agent is often an independent contractor who helps people buy and sell real estate, whether domestic or commercial property or land. Much of the real estate work that an agent does happens behind the scenes of a sale. They often work very long hours, at all hours of the day, depending on the needs of their clients. 

An excellent real estate agent will make any real estate transaction flow as smoothly as possible to make the process stress-free and profitable for everyone. It can even appear that their job is quite simple. But the thought couldn’t be further from the truth. A real estate agent has many duties for both the buyer and the seller to keep the process working. 

For Buyers

A real estate agent will help a buyer find and secure a property to buy, whether they’re looking for land to build their first home or commercial property for their business. It is the most basic explanation of what a real estate agent does for a buyer. Their job is a lot more complicated in reality, with many different duties typically carried out behind the scenes..

There are countless things that a real estate agent will do for the buyer. They will guide their clients through every stage of the transaction of buying the property. They will have to work with a range of different kinds of clients. The list begins with first-time buyers looking for their first home and continues with multi-property buyers who want an investment property to let out.

The duties of real estate agents include a long list of tasks to help their buyers make the right choice. The list may include:

  • Estimating possible utility costs for the property
  • Solving any safety concerns
  • Confirming repairs in need for the property
  • Updating buyers on price drops in the area to help them save money on their final decision.  

The above tasks are just a few of the many that a real estate agent will take on for the buyer. Their goal is to help them secure the right home and make a choice with which they are happy. 

However, be aware that these tasks are changing now as new technology is starting to be used by the real estate industry. It is vital to remember that the buyer’s agents are usually independent contractors. They do not receive payment from anyone until the transaction is complete. 

The worst scenario is when some transactions fall apart in the financing process or the appraisal stage. Some agents do find themselves not getting paid, even after putting in much work to secure a sale.

When you’re a buyer’s agent, the most rewarding part is that you get to help someone find what they need. Needs vary and may include an office for the business to grow or a home for their family. After all of their hard work, it can feel gratifying to hand over the keys to the buyer, knowing they’ve made the right choice.

For Sellers

Real estate agents for the seller have tasks that are a little bit different. As with buyer agents, these agents have multiple jobs to complete to increase the likelihood of making the sale at a reasonable price. 

For example, part of the real estate agent job description includes: 

  • Researching the sales price of comparable homes, land, or commercial properties in the area
  • Arranging showing times
  • Scheduling staging
  • Setting up photoshoots
  • Showing the property to potential buyers
  • Gathering feedback after each showing
  • Negotiating offers 

The tasks above are only a handful of the many jobs that a real estate agent does for the person selling the property. Listing agents are often not paid for their work until many months after the first meeting with their clients. Waiting for reimbursement can make this a very tough job to do. 

Selling a client’s home or commercial property can often be a long and frustrating process. It can also be tedious for everyone involved in the sale, from owner to buyer. Sellers are sometimes emotional during the process of selling their homes, even if they’re moving for good reasons. Their real estate agent will have to work out how best to work around these emotions.  

The unspoken real estate agent’s goal is to keep their clients calmly trusting in the process and feel good about making a sale. Securing the sale is the rewarding part of the work for real estate agents who work with the sellers. It is especially so if they can get their client an excellent price for their property.  

One sales strategy is to envision the final result of everyone feeling a win in the transaction. The sellers are relieved to move on from their current property, and the buyer is happily looking forward to living in their new home.

Sales Tips: What Does A Real Estate Agent Do to Sell Effectively?

  1. Inquire what attracted the buyer to the agent.
  2. Ask for the buyer’s goals, including must-haves, such as the size and type of the home.
  3. Request the ‘do-not-wants’ to avoid a longer than necessary buying cycle.
  4. Diplomatically ask for the buyer’s budget.
  5. Ask for desired location(s).
  6. Arrange acceptable viewing dates for the seller and buyer.
  7. Know beforehand the seller’s goals and approximate bottom-line to finally confirm a sale.
  8. Conduct a tour of the home and ask the buyer for their thoughts.
  9. Embrace the fact that potentially numerous showings will be necessary before a decision is firm.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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  1. Hire employees dedicated to learning and performing well.
  2. Update training classes on a regular schedule.
  3. Encourage your employees to share their insights, difficulties, and suggestions for improvement.
  4. Treat employees as if they are your customers to retain them for the long term.
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  8. Reward those who contribute to your business success.
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  10. Celebrate Success!

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