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Websites Answer Whether Post Office, Banks and Stock Markets Are Open
Kevin Savetz -- Free Printables Kevin Savetz -- Free Printables
Portland , OR
Friday, January 12, 2018

Stock Market Days and Hours

Three websites designed to help individuals, businesses and investors have been updated for 2018. PostOfficeOpen.com answers the simple question: Is the post office open today? Similarly, to learn whether banks are open, visit BanksOpenToday.com. The newest of the sites, MarketTradingToday.com, lets visitors know if stock market trading is happening each day.

"I'm pleased to continue to offer these sites, fully updated for 2018," said Kevin Savetz, the sites' creator. "Knowing whether the post office or bank is open today and tomorrow can save you a trip, or, more importantly, help avoid late bills, missed wire transfers, and other problems. MarketTradingToday.com is useful whether you play the market or just do business with those who do."

Each site also offers free, handy PDF printables of postal holidays, bank holidays and stock market trading days and hours.

"When a holiday falls on a weekend, or an occasion is honored on varying dates, it's not always immediately clear how mail delivery, banking and stock trading are affected," Savetz said. "These sites not only instantly answer the yes-or-no question in bold type, they provide a printable reference so you'll know the schedule for the entire year."

BanksOpenToday.com relies on the official schedule of Federal Reserve Bank holidays. While it's possible that some branches, such as in-store banks, are open on weekends, the site will state the banks are closed any time the day is a federal banking holiday. Similarly, PostOfficeOpen.com, which since 2010 has let users know if the U.S. post office is open on that day as well as the following day, is based on official postal holidays.

MarketTradingToday.com takes into account the reason for closure (weekends, a specific holiday or the time of day) and short trading days, and even factors in time zones. The site also displays a countdown clock to the next opening time if markets are closed.

"Since the launch of PostOfficeOpen.com in 2010, my goal has been to offer quick, one-stop references that will save people time, money and frustration," Savetz said. "I'm pleased to continue to update that site as well as BanksOpenToday.com and MarketTradingToday.com.

PostOfficeOpen.com, BanksOpenToday.com, and MarketTradingToday.com are convenient sites from the creator of the FaxZero.com free internet fax service and the more than 100 sites in the FreePrintable.net family of free printables sites created by Savetz Publishing, Inc., a company devoted to creating useful and informative websites of interest to consumers and small businesses.


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Kevin Savetz
Portland, OR
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