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War Against Plastics -- Dream Interpretation -- Creativity Finite?
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Washington, DC
Sunday, November 29, 2020


War Against Plastics -- Dream Interpretation -- Is Creativity Finite?

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The War Against Plastics

Chris DeArmitt - Leading Plastics & Innovation Expert

In 2019 Chris engaged in the war against plastics. Having discovered the lies being taught to his children at school, he decided to investigate. After reading 300 articles to uncover the truth, he found that almost everything we have been told about plastics and the environment is untrue. The science clearly proves that plastics are the greenest solution and replacing them would do tremendous harm. This has lead to numerous speaking engagements and keynote lectures.

Chris DeArmitt

Terrace Park, OH

United States

Contact Phone: 601 620 8080



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Jefferson Harman -- Dream Interpretation Expert

Jefferson Harman captivates his audiences by interpreting their dreams LIVE on the air. He stars in "Dreaming With…" on StarDreamsCafe.com, with co-host Adam Rothenberg ("Call Me Adam"), filmed at the famed Algonquin Hotel in NYC's historic theatre district. He is a recurring guest on 1520 AM WCHE Radio's "Life Unedited" with host John Aberle, where he interprets the dreams of listeners who call in to the show. Available for private consultations & public speaking engagements. Jefferson is a dynamic speaker who enjoys sharing his insights, knowledge and enthusiasm about dreams, phobias and the power of attention with diverse audiences.

Jefferson Harman

Pompton Lakes, NJ

United States

Contact Phone: 973-839-9317



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Is creativity a finite resource?

Margo Berman - Creative Marketing Expert

Is creativity a finite resource? Specifically, can creative drain during the workday affect your capacity to be creative with your personal projects?

Creativity has no usage quota. It's infinite. Just look at all the artists, musicians, choreographers, computers, actors, directors/producers, photographers and other creative talents who produced new works in their senior years. Even scientists and mathematicians, who shared new discoveries, continued their research for their entire lives. Instantly recognizable examples include: Picasso, Grandma Moses, Martin Scorsese, Helen Mirren, Diane Keaton, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Martha Graham, George Balanchine, Leonard Bernstein, Annie Leibovitz and Albert Einstein.

The creative process fuels innovative thinking. Like a muscle, it grows when used. People only stop being creative when they stop exercising their imaginations. Creativity taps into an endless source, which powers mental flexibility and propels fluidity of thought.

Name: Margo Berman

Title: Author, Inventor, Professor, Speaker

Group: Creative Catalyst Unlock The Block

Dateline: North Miami Beach, FL United States

Cell Phone: 305-318-6427



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New Administration – Same Long-Term Health Care Plan

Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert

There may be a new administration coming to power, but how the federal government deals with long-term care is probably not going to change much. Nationally known expert on long-term care planning, Matt McCann, told a group of financial advisors during a Zoom meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee, not to expect significant policy changes with the Biden administration on how they will address long-term health care.

Name: Matt McCann

Group: McCann Insurance Services, Inc

Dateline: Darien, IL United States

Direct Phone: 630-487-2480



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How Your Company Can Fight the Never-Ending War Against Misinformation

Edward Segal, Crisis Management Expert

Misinformation continues to grow at an alarming rate, along with its potential to infect corporations and organizations. No matter how it spreads — via fake news sites, traditional news organizations, or social media — companies that ignore and hope this crisis goes away may be putting their image, credibility, and reputation at risk.

Name: Edward Segal

Title: Crisis Management Expert

Dateline: Washington, DC United States

Direct Phone: 415-218-8600



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Tired of feeling down? Here's a real-life story guaranteed to uplift you.

Jon Paul -- Cause Marketing PR Venture Group

Everyday Magic will strike you in a sweet spot you probably didn't know you had. In this elegant memoir, Vivien relates how the spirit world guided her, through growing up in the Apartheid South Africa of 1960 – 1990, with an LGBTQ brother, through coming to the USA, and founding FourWinds Academy, a school for training healers.

This pleasing guide takes readers on a journey of spiritual discovery that yields fresh insights into their own lives. Using her studies of Psychology and the Alexander Technique as her launch pad, Vivien shares her spirit-inspired exploration of holistic lifestyles, psychotherapy, bodywork, martial arts, healing, crystals, intuition and shamanism, learning from celebrated teachers such as Melody, Michael Harner and Brian Weiss. Vivien shows how all roads lead to empowerment; and her message is uplifting: magic is within your reach and mine, every day. Allow it to happen.

Name: Jon Paul | PR Guy

Title: Digital Nomad

Group: Cause Marketing PR Venture Group

Dateline: Kansas City, MO United States



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