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Unprecedented in World History: Oil prices could soon turn NEGATIVE! No Storage means PAYING to Take it Away!
Jack Hanney Jack Hanney
Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, April 16, 2020

Unprecedented in World History: Oil prices could soon turn NEGATIVE! No Storage means PAYING to Take it Away!

We are witnessing two simultaneous historic events, one is the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, but the other one is a dirty little secret that's about to surface…a Crude Secret…are you ready for this? The price of crude oil is about to go negative—below zero—meaning oil companies will have to PAY to have it hauled away!

Commenting on this unprecedented event as it unfolds is economist Jack Hanney, CEO of Patriot Gold Group. 


  1. It seems like just yesterday when oil prices were sky high and there were thousands of news reports of oil shortages, but in the sudden coronavirus era when few people are driving cars, oil is about to do the unimaginable: Going negative. Tell us about that.
  2. Goldman Sachs analysts say landlocked crude prices will be negative. 
  3. Global storage is likely to reach maximum capacity in a matter of weeks. What on earth will  oil companies do—isn't there some way of turning off the spigot of those oil wells?
  4. Without our being on a gold standard, isn't this 'free' money just watering down the current money supply?
  5. Instead of showing down oil supply to raise prices, OPEC execs in Saudi Arabia promise to increase oil output to a record high. Have they lost their ever-loving minds?
  6. What other economic 'laws of unintended consequences' do you see occurring due to drastic measures being imposed by governments on billions of people?
  7. But oil prices aren't the only thing going down in value.  The more money the Fed prints, the less the dollar is worth, right?
  8. They are talking about trillions of dollars more in stimulus, meaning printing even more money. If we cross that invisible line of too much, what might we looking at soon in the form of inflation or even hyperinflation? How much more can government water down money before it becomes worth less—or worthless?
  9. Can you give some examples of hyperinflation and what that looked like historically elsewhere?
  10. What protection do we have against inflation eating away at the money we receive from the stimulus relief?
  11. Where may we receive more information on these matters and proper investing?

Reference article: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/01/coronavirus-oil-prices-could-turn-negative-as-storage-nears-capacity.html


Jack Hanney has been in the financial markets for 20+ years and is widely heralded as an expert in his field.

Born and growing up in Westchester County, NY where his father was a successful politician and owner of an Insurance Brokerage Firm. Jack began subscribing to The Wall Street Journal at the age of 14 and moved to California in his early 20's to study under William O'Neill, arguably the single most successful investor in the history of the markets and founder of Investor's Business Daily and author of How to Make Money in stocks.

Jack Hanney went on to be the General Manager and Director of Sales at several algorithmic automated trading companies trading the futures and commodities markets working with Introducing Brokers out of Chicago, Geneva and NYC. Jack was recruited by several tech startups and made a name for himself at Infosearch Media, Virtumundo and The Design People before returning to Finance. Jack passed on Morgan Stanley and other reputable, prestigious Brokerage firms to be a CFP in their Wealth Management Divisions and opted for a position as Senior Executive Trader with MG Private Client Services where he spent 4 years 2010-2014.

Jack Hanney had spent two years as Director of Trading, Executive Vice President of WDM overseeing the Retail Division before collaborating with two other prominent experts in his field and opening Patriot Gold Group a collective of Industry-Leading Experts bringing their clients Investor Direct Pricing and superior customer service.

Jack has written over 200M in business and trades maintaining outstanding relationships with his clients at Patriot Gold Group (PGG), where he is a senior partner, who he refers to as dear friends and family and now … welcoming them to the PGG family of investors. Jack resides in Los Angeles, California and is the proud father of his two daughters, Kate age 10 and Luna age 18.

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