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Ukraine War Absurdities
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Monday, February 21, 2022



Wikipedia says the capital of Russia moved from Kiev to Moscow that year, as Moscow was a minor trading center compared to the great city of Kiev.  The Russian Orthodox Christian church was founded in Kiev by Andrew the Apostle.  Andrew the Apostle put up a cross at the site of a future great city on the Dnieper River and now that is a hallowed site in Kiev.  Kiev was the capital of the Duchy of Moscow in the 14th century in another account.


The "Charge of the Light Brigade" becomes a legend as British cavalry attack the Russians in Crimea.  This illustrates the long affiliation of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia.  The long-standing Russian desire for a warm water port makes Sevastopol and Crimea an essential part of the Russian Empire and a threat to maritime Britain, the leading world empire at the time.


Ukrainians fed up with Stalin's purges initially welcomed the invading Germans.  But then they found out Hitler was worse than Stalin and joined the resistance.  Stalin moved the factories out of Ukraine back to the Ural Mountains, saving the production he needed to win the war.  Decades later, Russian Jews became a leading immigration group to the new state of Israel.  Many have gone to the settlements on the West Bank.


New Premier of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev, a Russian who became Ukrainian, transfers the Russian speaking peoples of Crimea and the Donbas from Russia to Ukraine, with the idea that the two republics and peoples were inseparable, so it didn't seem to matter at the time.

Khrushchev was born in the Donbas when it was still a part of Russia. Khrushchev became president of Ukraine and was brought back to the politburo in Moscow just prior to Stalin's death as he became the dark horse candidate for Premier when Stalin died. As Premier he brought his homeland into Ukraine his first year out of love for Ukraine.


Ukraine, third largest nuclear power in the world at the time, destroys its nuclear weapons in exchange for Russian promises by treaty to never invade Ukraine.


First Bush president promises Russia that NATO will not expand Eastward into Eastern Europe.


Last Russian troops leave Berlin September 1994, as Russia completes withdrawal from Eastern European Warsaw Pact occupied countries.


American President Clinton begins the process of expanding NATO into Eastern Europe, especially the Baltic States.


Putin moves in "green men" troops just prior to a plebiscite in Crimea, wherein the people vote to be a part of Russia.  The occupation may have influenced the 98% approval, as those opposed probably did not vote.  But the vote under more fair circumstances would probably still be overwhelming.  Jealous, the Russian speaking peoples of the Donbas rebel against the central government of Ukraine and ask Putin to intervene.  Putin resists at first, then eventually goes along with the rebels, preferring to limit Russian direct involvement largely to providing arms.


Minsk agreement passes UN general assembly unanimously December 20.  This allows some autonomy in the two Donbas provinces.  Ukrainian parliament refuses to approve agreement, no doubt frustrating the Ukrainian and Russian presidents, Zelenskyy and Putin.


"Bellicose Western assessments" says Ukraine, are more a problem than the Russians.  President Zelenskyy fears alarmist statements will encourage business to leave Ukraine, allowing Putin to destroy the Ukrainian economy just by threatening.


The NATO alliance is just a defensive alliance, says the West, nothing for Russia to fear.  Oh, really?

What about Kosovo vs Serbia in 1999 or Afghanistan 2001, or when NATO members France, Britain, and USA attack Libya in 2011.  What about refusing to let Russia join NATO?  Putin's fears are not unrealistic.

Empire Problem

It has been said that those who come to believe absurdities can easily be led to commit atrocities.

Witness what happened in storming the US capital January 6, 2021.  The growing acceptance of militarism and empire in the USA since WWII has taken the republic a long way down the road to fascism and dictatorship, a lot like what happened to the Roman Empire.  The Empire run by Emperors gradually eclipsed the Roman Senate.  In the modern American example, the imperial presidency has all but eclipsed the exclusive congressional right to declare war.  Obstructionism in congress shows how far demonization of the other side has eroded the essential democracy principles of tolerance and forbearance.  Honeymoons disappear for Democratic Party presidents.  Tradition of being united in overseas policies also disappears.

Captives of the Military Industrial Congressional Media Complex

Much of congress has become attached to their local examples of the military industrial congressional media complex.  Yes, truth is the first casualty in war.  Most congresspeople and presidents do not understand how military spending is a dead end for economic growth.  They keep using the military to stimulate local economies and fail to see the widespread manufacturing job loss that comes with every military buildup.  Kowtowing to the warmongers becomes rampant among politicians, with little deference to the other side's claims.  Empire becomes a Cold War legacy as Gulf War 1991 is ginned up to keep the military money addiction going.  Media get caught up in "if it bleeds it leads" seeking high wartime ratings.

Wargaming View

From a wargaming point of view, it is clear from the map that Ukraine points like a dagger into the heart of Russia.  It is no wonder Putin is freaking out about Ukraine joining NATO or the EU.  Furthermore, Putin fears the example of a successful democracy next door might inspire Russians to replace him with someone like Navalny.  In the West, people keep ignoring the twenty-year effects of $5 billion in USA money and operations that helped depose the Russian leaning leader for a Western leaning leader in 2014, forcing an alarmed Putin into action.  Why are so many Ukrainians dying (14,000) to keep territories, once a part of Russia, that don't want to be a part of Ukraine?  Why isn't the Minsk agreement the solution?

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