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UBER and Get Real Marketing tactic
Adam Armbruster -- Television Advertising Expert Adam Armbruster -- Television Advertising Expert
Sarasota, FL
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Keeping a "voice" in the marketplace despite dire government warnings, was and still is a wise business move.
During this pandemic, consumers have not stopped shopping or searching for solutions, this is witnessed by studying Google Search trends.
Demand is building up in auto, furniture and other retail categories, national web based businesses are seeing record sales, WayFair for example..
Uber has had to pivot from a delivery model of humans to a delivery model of packages. It's ben relatively successful despite early criticism
{Stock has recovered substantially since the dramatic drips a few weeks ago.] Uber takes a negative perception like: "driving with a stranger is dangerous"
and owns that fact, and then uses their messages to reward American's for being safe, thereby building future good will.
With a consumer today, an "Honesty" strategy pays dividends, when Domino's Pizza discovered their consumer quality impression ratings in 2009, they
launched a campaign owning up to quality issues and promised that they would make it right. 
Today consumers want transparency form companies and a sense of connection with company leaders over issues. 
[When Domino's launched that "New Ingredients" TV campaign, their stock doubled in 12 months]
Being forthright works. Consumers wants "real". Slick and sappy does not play any more in America.
That generation of marketing has passed.
"Real marketing" gets it done.

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