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Tracking My Nobel Trackers
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Wednesday, April 3, 2024



ExpertClick.com was recommended to me by a book and allows experts like me to reach over 7000 press people with my press releases since October 2013.  This vehicle has led to my first two Nobel Peace Prize nominations in January 2016.  Although I encouraged the Nobel people to look at my books and other websites like academia.com and wordpress.com, they persist in examining my press releases where I have had over 430,000 views in ten plus years.  This allows me to show how my two scientific breakthroughs (economics and climate cycle) change the way we understand our world.   ExpertClick lets me update views daily on the 50 most current releases and the 232 older releases twice a year.  These websites reveal the patterns used by the trackers to follow me.  

The Start

My January 2016 press release asked for Nobel Peace Prize nominations for the Norwegian Nobel Committee and an old political friend complied.  Thinking that there were many single nominations but only a few with multiple nominations, I asked another friend to nominate me.  It worked.  The first day after nominations closed 50 ones lit up the expert click website between 7am and 9am Norway time.  My jaw hit the floor.  Reading my last 50 press releases is a serious investigation.

Nobel Peace Prize Watch 3-10-16 Thursday morning

Another very unusual thing happened on my Wordpress.com website.  Just before 7am French time, someone from France looked at my wordpress website and archives 22 times, very close to the single day record of 26 views.  After going to the site, that meant 21 looks at the archives.  That takes it back to July 2014, when I published "Proof of Peace Economics" one of three that month in my "top seven most viewed press releases of all time."  Not only is the Nobel Peace Prize mentioned in that release, but all the main evidence for the singular result that military spending does not move the economy forward but only keeps the economy in place.  That seems to be the perfect place to stop the search backward.  

One of the five members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee was a former prime minister of Norway and a Social Democrat.  He was currently serving as Secretary General of the Council of Europe, based in Strasbourg, France, in the Alsace Lorraine area across the Rhine from Germany.  His name was Thorbjørn Jagland.  He would be interested in my Peace Economics as he majored in economics in college.

The Data

Nothing else was notable that first year, with the Nobel announcements starting the first Monday in October ending with the peace prize announced on Friday.  My tracking the trackers began with "ten in a row" days per month.  These were rare in 2014 and 2015.  From April 2015 to January 2016, the ten months before my first nomination, were 3 days or less each.  The first five months after nomination were between 8 and 5.  From July 2016 to December 10 in rows were 20 to 31 days every month and averaged 25 days a month during 2017 and 2018.

25 In a Row Days

These increase dramatically the first four years of nomination.  One in 2016, five in 2017 (3 just before the award and 2 the next month), 68 in 2018, 108 in 2019 (86 in the six months before the 2019 award).

The Four Trackers

First is Thorbjorn Jagland with an apparent search for more votes in the 12 days before 2017 award.  Jagland seemingly pushes hard before he retires after the 2019 award.

Second is the distinguished looking gentleman, fifties with grey hair and a grey suit, driving a blue Prius, who showed up about 3pm or so on 9-19-2019.  He walked up the neighbor's driveway as I was at my front door and we stared at each other through the boundary tree line.  I think we understood each other.  He was probably a UW Madison professor checking out my place with the Oxford like stone and the 90-foot driveway.  He probably recognized me from pictures.

Third is the woman professor who lives in Paris but was in Warsaw when I emailed the first pdf edition of my new book "Weather Wealth & Wars" to the committee on 8-1-21.

Fourth is the professor from Brisbane, Australia who sent a message on one of my websites.  I will keep his name private.  His 5pm is her 9am.  Very little overlap, seven days a week.

50 In Row Days

There are only six of these in the expertclick.com record.  The first is the first day of the first nomination, 9am Norway time.  That was followed one month later, on 3-10-16, with the 22 French wordpress.com visits that gives away the Jagland involvement as explained above.

The second year, 2017, Jagland may be trying to rally other committee members to my side in the last 12 days with three 24 in rows, followed by his two retrospective expert looks on 11-10-17 where he looks at the wordpress.com site 5 times from his home in Germany and 2 times from his office in Strassburg, France.

The second 50 in row comes 3-18-18.  Jagland has seven German visits to wordpress.com that year, two 1-19-18, three 3-13-18, and two 10-14-18 while ten in rows are high all year long.

The third 50 in row comes 12-28-19 after a strong lead into the award with 89 25 in rows from April to the October award day.  The fifty in December seems a preparation for the 2020 year.

The 2020 year seems to be a pause year about 60% of the level of the next three years (2021-23) probably because of the transition from retiring Jagland to the new member of the Peace committee and pressure from the Peace and Justice Studies Association leadership to limit my releases to one a month.

The fourth 50 in row comes 7-14-21 followed by my book 8-1-21. 

The fifth 50 in row comes 8-17-23. 

On 1-14-23 nine releases (Mask Mandate, Most Unusual Times, Militarized Police, Killing Democracy, How US Got This Way, More Than Money, Minor View Margin, Logic Peace Econ,  Academia Paper Views) received from 13 to 45 views each, 192 total views.

On 6-9-23 a very high number of 37 views each for five releases (Economic Misunderstandings, New Book:  Good Robot Bad Robot, Reduction of Armies, insurrections Then and Now, Ukraine Wargame) are looking me over together.  Could this be my year near the top?

The sixth 50 in a row comes 2-27-24.  January 2024 and February 2024 are the two highest view counts since the book came out in August 2021.

Why Now?

It sometimes takes decades to win a Nobel.  I'm in a special category, a scientist, like when Gore won for his global warming movie.  I've been talking about 2024 and 2025 for decades.  Major wars like Ukraine and Gaza have strong echoes about 54 or 108 years ago.  And the 2020 pandemic 102 years after the 1918 Spanish Flu.  See my releases 1-19-24 and 2-12-24 in the two biggest viewing months in a couple years.  The scientific breakthroughs with military spending (1985) and the global warming cycle (1991) are worthy of three Nobel Prizes:  Peace for exposing the military economics contradictions and predictions, Physics for the Earth Cycle, and Macroeconomics.

Current Comment

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.  Not without the marketing, not without social scientists attacking you for being an engineer.  90% of all people are number phobic, I'm with the 10% who love numbers.  Word people often treat me unfairly and underestimate me.  Being a mathematical genius can be hard, just ask Oppenheimer (or Thomas Kuhn).   

Biography, 23 Pages:


Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2024, April 3), "Tracking My Nobel Trackers" Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:  https://www.expertclick.com/NewsRelease/Tracking-My-Nobel-Trackers,2024303414.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2024 with growing interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my expertclick.com website; daily "hard looks" per year went from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to 322 to 346 to 349 last year, this year's date, October 11th, 2024 Nobel Peace Prize announcement time.

Contact: bobreuschlein@gmail.com 

Info: www.realeconomy.com

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