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Thursday, December 22, 2022
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Dateline: Springfield, MA
Thursday, December 22, 2022


Premiere Networks Overnight Star George Noory is This Week’s Guest on Harrison Podcast. The host of Premiere Networks’ long-running overnight show “Coast-to-Coast AM” is this week’s guest on the award-winning PodcastOne series “The Michael Harrison Interview.” Noory, a seven-time best-selling author, is about to celebrate his 20th anniversary as host of the program which he assumed on January 1, 2003, replacing the late Art Bell. He has subsequently built the show into the most-listened-to overnight radio program in North America, which attracts millions of listeners on more than 640 stations nationwide. It has even recently spawned its own branded podcast network. The program features standard discussions about news and current events but also delves into the world of conspiracy theories, paranormal phenomena, time travel, alien abductions, and all things curious and unexplained. Each night, Noory welcomes guests and callers from all walks of life, while providing what he describes as a “judgment-free forum for ideas beyond the mainstream.” Harrison and Noory engage in a deep dive conversation about everything from the state of news/talk radio and the widespread media growth of conspiracy theories to two of the hottest issues in the science community: “the Fermi Paradox,” and “what existed before the ‘Big Bang?’” Don’t miss this! To listen to the podcast in its entirety, please click here.

SABO SEZ: Radio’s Impact on Society Has Always Been Profound – Needs Better Archives. Veteran media consultant and radio historian Walter Sabo (a.k.a. talk show host Walter Sterling) writes, “As a national medium we barely have any recordings, transcriptions or catalogs of our talents’ comedy, observations or opinions. For legitimate reasons many companies have refused to keep air checks – at least for more than seven days! Consider how many times your station has been called for an air check and how quickly we say that we have none. No other medium behaves as though its work is disposable. The message is: It’s disposable and therefore not valuable.” Sabo goes on to recount legendary talk show host Jean Shepherd’s (WOR, New York 1957-1974) profoundly prescient on-air predictions. Read it here.

Joe Giglio and Hugh Douglas Named Midday Hosts at Audacy’s WIP, Philadelphia. “SportsRadio 94WIP” announces that evening sports talk host Joe Giglio is being partnered with former Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas as the new hosts of the 10:00 am to 2:00 pm program. The retirement of longtime morning host Angelo Cataldi set changes in motion that include the current midday team of Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie moving to mornings, today’s announcement, and now, the need for a new

evening host. Cataldi is working through the end of the Eagles season and all changes will take place a week after that happens. Addressing the changes, WIP brand manager Rod Lakin says, “Few people have a deeper connection to the Philadelphia sports audience than Eagles legend Hugh Douglas, and we’re thrilled to bring him back to WIP. Joe Giglio has been a staple in evenings for WIP, and we’re very excited to see his role expand in middays. It’s an incredible opportunity to add two extremely talented hosts to the new WIP weekday lineup during one of the most exciting periods in Philadelphia sports history.” Douglas’ media career includes time as a co-host on WIP, a full-time analyst on ESPN2’s “Numbers Never Lie,” NFL Studios and as an analyst on ESPN programs such as “SportsCenter.” He says, “The best years of my NFL career were in Philly, and I cut my teeth in broadcasting at WIP. I’m so excited to be back and hosting middays with Joe Giglio. I’m coming home!” Giglio broke into the industry after winning New York sister station WFAN’s “Fantasy Phenom” contest in 2012. A year later, he joined WIP as a fill-in host. Since 2017, he has hosted evenings for the station, including Philadelphia Phillies pre-game and post-game shows. He comments, “I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to be part of the next midday show on WIP. Joe and Jon have set a standard to become appointment listening for every Philadelphia sports fan over the last five-plus years, and I can’t wait to do the same with an Eagles legend, Hugh Douglas. Doing a daily show for the most passionate sports fans in the country is a privilege, and I’m thrilled to get rolling during one of the most exciting eras we’ve ever seen!”

Zelensky Addresses Congress, Trump Tax Returns/January 6 Report, Border Security, Spending Bill, McCarthy Speaker Bid, The Economy, Twitter Files, Severe Winter Storm Among Top News/Talk Stories Yesterday (12/21). The address before Congress by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and the boycott by Republicans who oppose further funding for Ukraine’s defense efforts; the release of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns, the inquiry into the IRS’ failure to audit two years of his taxes as required by law, combined with the criminal referrals by the January 6 Committee; the migrant troubles at the U.S.-Mexico border; the battle over the $1.7 billion spending bill to keep the federal government operating; U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s bid for Speaker of the House; inflation, the sinking housing market and concerns about a recession in 2023; the FBI’s compensating Twitter for information requests; and the extreme winter weather hitting much of the U.S. for the Christmas weekend were some of the most-talked-about stories on news/talk radio yesterday, according to ongoing research from TALKERS magazine.

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