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TALKERS Magazine --- Talk Radio Magazine
Springfield, MA United States
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Michael Harrison
Springfield, MA
United States
Contact Phone: 413-565-5413

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TALKERS magazine is the leading trade publication serving the talk media industries in America. The term "talk media" includes broadcast talk radio and television, cable news/talk television, as well as the new talk media delivered via the Internet, podcasting and satellite radio.

On this site you will find brief opening excerpts from the current stories in each monthly print edition of TALKERS magazine. Plus, you will find free online versions of some of the publication's most popular features including NewsNotes, the Week in Review, the 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America (The Heavy Hundred), the Top Talk Radio Audiences, the Talk Radio Research Project? and classified advertising. You will also find coverage of TALKERS magazine sponsored industry events such as the annual New Media Seminar and the publication's many seminars and radio rows.