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Talking Points for: 'NewsJacking vrs. SearchJacking.com' nterview
The Searchjacking Institute The Searchjacking Institute
Washington, DC
Monday, January 4, 2021

# 1 What's your backstory on this?  What attracted you to this.?
Seems talking about bad stuff on the internet and running The SearchJacking Institute would attract all kinds of bad people who want to learn how to do bad things.
Sort of like you were running The Shoplifting Institute.
# 2: Ok so you want to put bad things out in the open.  Maybe comparing this to a City Pothole Map is a better comparison.
# 3: You are talking about two things here.  Can you explain the difference between NewsJacking and SearchJacking?
# 4  So NewsJacking is good, and SeachJacking bad?
# 5   You've got a whole list of bad things at The SearchJacking Institute web page right?  What's the worst that my baby boomer listeners need to watch out for?  Im see this impressive PDF of a US Senate Rockefeller Report at the top of your site.  What's that about?
# 6 How can my viewers find out more?  This is all at a Twitter account -- right?
#7  If you are doing this exposee of bad stuff as a public service how do you pay the bills?   
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