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Shaping Tomorrow and Association of Professional Futurists Collaborate to Enrich the Foresight Industry
Association of Professional Futurists Association of Professional Futurists
Austin, TX
Friday, March 16, 2018


AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA,  Today, the cutting edge digital research firm Shaping Tomorrow and the Association for Professional Futurists (APF) have launched a collaborative effort to forward the research tools available to futurists to serve their clients and stakeholders. The two organizations will engage in joint promotion, as well as support each other through training.

"We are pleased to make available to our 500 members Shaping Tomorrow's basic Athena platform for their trend work," said, Dr. Jay Gary, Chairman of the APF Board of Directors. "We know it will make a difference for our members to be able to use this proven research tool."

"Shaping Tomorrow has long appreciated the position APF holds in the industry; we are very happy to support the excellent work of APF's foresight professionals by offering the basic level of our tremendous research platform to the foremost futurists in the world," said Michael Jackson, president and CEO of Shaping Tomorrow. "Just today, we are releasing enhancements to our Shaping Tomorrow platform; these improvements will make the platform even more powerful and responsive," added Jackson.

About Shaping Tomorrow

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Athena, the Shaping Tomorrow search tool offers horizon scanning and market research, together with social and strategic thinking methods to deliver instant scans and reports for users in real time. The ST platform offers help screens and a chatbot to help its members capitalize on the extraordinary power of the Athena platform. For more information, call Matthew Richardson, +44 (0)1273832221, or email him at matthew.richardson@shapingtomorrow.com.

About the Association of Professional Futurists

APF is a global community of futurists 'who put the future to work.' It was founded in 2002 to validate the competencies of emerging futurists, and to enhance their professional excellence. Today APF's 500 credentialed members, 40 countries, help stakeholders anticipate and influence the future. For more information, contact Joyce Gioia, media@apf.org 

THE ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL FUTURISTS is a global community of futurists advancing professional foresight. Our credentialed members help their clients anticipate and influence the future. https://www.apf.org

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