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Promo Text - approved 10-7-19 Subject: Five New Cool Tools I’m Using. Plus Two New Benefits
Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC
Monday, October 7, 2019


Subject: Five New Cool Tools I'm Using.  Plus Two New Benefits.    




Please down to see the: Five New Cool Tools I'm Using


Two new influencer benefits for you!    


1) Because you're an influencer, I'd like to comp <> with a Classic Annual Membership ($795 value) in the 2020 Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons -- plus top-level use of NewsReleaseWire.com. 

As a member you can send unlimited news releases in these formats: 

A) Text, 


C) PDF, and 

D) Our new "Pin-Wire" where you enter a headline and do a screenshot - just seven keystokes and your news release is sent.  See a Pin-Wire sample in # 5 below about using text in marketing.


See what's included in the Classic Annual Membership here: www.ExpertClick.com/Join  


The news media loves the service:  

** The New York Times called it: "Dial-an-Expert" 

** PR Week called it "Dating Service of PR"

** USA Today called up a "Hot Site"


See our members' success stories at that join link above.  

Our members send releases and they receive requests for lots of interviews, and great SEO.


2) You may also benefit for our affiliate program that offers you a monetary reward. 

May I upgrade you to our Influencer affiliate program?    

Yes, influencer marketing works for Kim Kardashian & Gary Vaynerchuk.

-- you can get some of that action too.


A) You share a free offer with your members, network, email subscriber list, or via social media.. 

They get the opportunity to join ExpertClick free with the influencer program. 

They have to qualify --- not too hard -- They they just to jump through one of 12 hoops.

This is your affiliate join link:  https://www.expertclick.com/Influencer/Their_Company to share. 

I'll even write the copy for your audience if you like -- let me know you'd like me too


B) We track your free registrations.

If they upgrade to paid, you get $100 bonus at time of upgrade and an annual $100 recurring royalty.


Questions?   Call me --202-333-5000 rings on my desk or reply back with the best time for me to call.


Or we can move the conversation to text if you like -- my cell phone is (202) 864-9420

 -- see bullet point #5 below to see why I welcome text conversations,


You like?  Just reply "OK I'm" and I'll turn it all on for you for you.


---Mitch Davis


P.S.  Five new cool tools I'm using:


  1.   Slack.com --  Slack is a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration software tools and online services   I can invite you to my group if you'd like a quick look. Or simply join yourself -- It is free. www.Slack.com

  2.   Google Docs  -- Free from Google, you can share documents and co-edit from different locations. I use it with my off-site proof-reader so we can talk on the phone and both of us can co-edit live.   Just search for "Google Docs"… 

  3.   www.DocumentCloud.org  Very different than Adobe's DocumentCloud.com  A way to host PDF documents on the web. They are a paid service and it offers lots of tools  -- Here's an example of my friend Denny Hatch's Ultimate 83 Point Marketing Checklist. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3520085-Denny-Hatch-11-Page.html

  4. From ExpertClick.com --  Free PDF share system -- You can also share PDFs free with your ExpertClick membership.  Just choose the PDF news release method. -- Here's that same Denny Hatch 83 point list shared free with ExpertClick - http://www.NewsReleaseWire.com/195096

  5. Oh, and Pin-Wire, also from ExpertClick. You can pin a web page and send as a news release with seven keystrokes ---- Inspired by Pinterest.  Here's an example: Fran Green, our Dating Expert, uses it share news stories when she is quoted -- see this one: "Flirting over Text." http://NewsReleasewire.com/193182


You can share these five tools with social media from my ExpertClick news release here:  http://NewsReleaseWire.com/195097


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