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Professional Futurists Appoint New Treasurer
Association of Professional Futurists Association of Professional Futurists
Austin , TX
Sunday, January 21, 2018


AUSTIN, TX--The Association of Professional Futurists (APF), which recognizes and supports professional futurists worldwide, announces it has appointed a new board treasurer, Richard Yonck, of Seattle, Washington, USA. A consulting futurist, author, and speaker, Richard comes to the board with three decades of experience guiding clients and organizations through the ever-shifting technological landscape.

"The APF is unique in its role as the leading organization and supporter for practicing futurists," Richard observes. "In light of the tremendous ongoing change the world faces, we need to continue to develop and strengthen this role, promoting knowledge, professionalism, and excellence in our field. We have a terrific opportunity to continue building the organization both nationally and globally over the next few years and I want to play a part in that."

Richard Yonck is the founder and lead futurist for Intelligent Future Consulting where he consults, writes and speaks about emerging trends and technologies, with a focus on their impacts on business and society. His new book "HEART OF THE MACHINE: Our Future in a World of Artificial Emotional Intelligence" explores the emerging technologies allowing computers and robots to read, interpret, and even influence human emotions, with a focus on the near- and long-term implications for society.

The former Computing and AI contributing editor for The Futurist Magazine, Richard's work has also appeared in Scientific American, World Futures Review, Fast Company, Wired, Psychology Today, H+ Magazine, American Cinematographer and The Seattle Times among others. His peer-reviewed paper, "Toward a Standard Metric of Machine Intelligence" explores the need for a standardized intelligence test for artificial intelligences. His recent TEDx talk, "How Technology Transforms Human Intelligence" explores the future of blended intelligence.

Richard Yonck succeeds Joyce Gioia of Austin as APF Treasurer and says he'll strive to build on the excellent work of his predecessor.


High-Res color photo of Richard Yonck, Treasurer of Association of Professional Futurists, https://goo.gl/akqmFv


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Joyce Gioia
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Austin, TX
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