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New Book Holds Spiritual Wisdom to Find Freedom and Discover the True Self
Kenny Down  - The Life-Changing Power of Finding Your True Self Kenny Down - The Life-Changing Power of Finding Your True Self
San Ramon, CA
Friday, October 1, 2021

New Book Holds Spiritual Wisdom to Find Freedom and Discover the True Self

San Ramon, CA—Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I find and pursue my heart's desire? Find the answers to these questions within the pages of this easy to read and simple book.

If I lose the roles I play that stand in the way of finding my true self, what will become of me? What if I could see myself the way God sees me and allow others to see that authentic self? Kenny G. Down addresses these questions and more in his profound and beautiful new book, The Mirror, the Window, and the Wall: The Life-Changing Power of Finding Your True Self.

"This book helps us discover the most important questions to ask ourselves," says Down. "Through the eyes and story of the main character we can look closely at why we accept roles assigned to us against our will. Addressing these questions is all part of coming to find your True Self. The Mirror, the Window, and the Wall is a book about spiritually waking up, containing simple but specific instructions to step onto the path of finding and maintaining your True Self." By following these simply laid out instructions the reader can transform their view of the world and themselves in a one week exercise.

Down writes with intimate insight born of his own experiences. After years of addiction to drugs and alcohol left him homeless and spiritually and emotionally bankrupt, Down began a recovery journey that led him to discoveries of deep insight and self understanding. This spiritual awakening would set him free, allow him to live as his authentic self, and help many others on their journeys. Now sober for more than thirty years, he is still an active member of the recovery community, sponsoring new people, teaching meditation, mindfulness practices, and twelve step recovery workshops around the country.

"In my many years of helping others discover their true selves I found that there were three consistent, dominating factors that blocked their ability to realize their hearts desire and find the life they dreamed of living," states Down. "I first wrote a short blog on this concept which quickly became my most popular post. After several requests came forward asking that I expand on the piece, The Mirror, the Window, and the Wall: The Life-Changing Power of Finding Your True Self was born."

Taking a cue from spiritual teachers throughout the ages, Down taps into the power of metaphor to bring insight that is often easier seen through picture and story than directly taught. He introduces three key metaphors – the mirror, the window, and the wallallowing readers to see themselves and their lives in new ways. This begins the process of breaking through false conceptions of the self, and allows the reader to move forward into a spiritual journey that will uncover their deepest, most authentic identity and longings.

"The mirror, window, and wall are metaphors for all those tactics we use to hide the lie that we believe is the truth: the false self," says Down. "Each of these elements are the persona, the mask we may be wearing, playing a character, reading a script assigned to us. This book is a wake-up call that personal transformation is possible."

"Kenny G. Down's writing is articulate, the concepts are radiant, the use of religious commentary is delivered in a way that all readers can embrace, the character who represents the process is fascinatingall aspects that make a tremendous impact, and make us thinkand hopefully change." —Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame Reviewer, 5-Stars

"There is spirituality and a sense of peace and healing throughout this enthralling book…This is the perfect book to read if you need a lift in life and clarity about yourself."  —John Kelly, Detroit Free Press, 5-Stars

Along with his writing, speaking, and recovery work, Down has achieved success and recognition as a consultant for Sustainable Fisheries and Ocean Habitat, working with low impact, sustainable fishers on governmental regulations and supporting the reduction of harmful fishing practices. He has served on several governmental advisory boards and been heavily involved in politics as a consultant, industry representative, and strategic advisor.

"Once I awoke to these deep spiritual truths and found my true self, I experienced what would have been previously impossible accomplishments in my life," shares Down. "The idea that we must find the spiritual self in order to quit hiding, to find our True Self, and, most importantly, to live is not a new concept. I wanted to solidify, refine, and share it with others."

"In an age where we are less certain of our identity and purpose than ever before, continually distracted and held captivated by shallow entertainment and snared by the grasp of social media, Kenny G. Down brings wisdom that will help readers move into a path of freedom, self-knowledge, and joy." —Jessica Tofino, Educator and Writer, 5-Stars

The Mirror, the Window, and the Wall is brief but engaging, centered on a female character whose experiences and suffering will resonate with readers, providing revealing opportunities for self reflection. Down proposes that readers read the book over and over to get the maximum benefit, a Spiritual Quest of self-discovery that will bring new insight with each read. Layers of deep-seated meaning and profound wisdom are intended to meet the reader wherever they may be along the spiritual path.

"I want to invite you to see your True Self in the mirror," encourages Down. "The person created to shine. Not the negative image that has been thrust upon us by society and our own wrong thinking. Once we clearly see the right and true image, we find liberty and are released from the need to control what others think…From this place we can realize and pursue our deepest heart's desires."

The Mirror, the Window, and the Wall: The Life-Changing Power of Finding Your True Self (ebook) $2.95, ISBN: 9781735662824 (Paperback) $9.95, 2021, New Thought Life, 62 pages, available at Amazon.

Kenny G. Down is a bestselling author, speaker, and an awakened spiritual seeker. This identity has been hard won, coming out of many years of addiction to drugs and alcohol and subsequent recovery. The insights and spiritual principles in his writings are ones he has practiced over the course of thirty years of recovery and helping many others on their journeys of spiritual awakening and self-discovery.

His works include Darko: The Sacred Heart of One Johanee Darko, Awakened Giant, Sleeping Spirit, and The Care and Keeping of a Shan. Darko and Awakened Giant, Sleeping Spirit both won the Firebird Book Award for 2021 and 2020, respectively. In all of these works, he shares from his own experiences and encourages others to rid themselves of harmful thinking and create the lives they were meant to live.

When he's not writing, Kenny may be found spending time with his most valued treasure – his family. Kenny and his wife live in Seattle, Washington, where he has spent most of his life. They have two adult children.

Find more information about The Mirror, The Window, and the Wall and Kenny G. Down at NewThoughtLife.org.

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