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Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 1/10/2019: Rabbits, Time Lords, Elephants And Fools
Jack Marshall -- ProEthics, Ltd. Jack Marshall -- ProEthics, Ltd.
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Thursday, January 10, 2019


Good morning.

This a reluctant warm-up, and I was tempted not to create distractions from the previous post, which is important, especially so because there is a near complete media embargo on what the Times did. Has anyone seen a mention of it anywhere besides here and in the conservative media? I haven’t. Yet a more convincing example of  what the news media has become could not be imagined, and the public has the right to know. I want people to be outraged about this. I want people to shake the story in the face of their biased journalism-defending friends. I want to see the cowards who fled the discussions here accusing me of bias return and explain how this could happen innocently, or try to justify it, or continue to insist that there is no organized effort to destroy the Trump Presidency and with it our democratic institutions.

I admit it: this episode makes me as angry as I am disgusted and worried.

1. In a lighter vein, on the topic of life competence…In  Yala National Park in Sri Lanka, a 41-year-old man was reportedly trying to impress other tourists by getting out of his car (which is illegal) and attempting to hypnotize an elephant. The man’s name has not been released, but now they call him Matt, because the unimpressed elephant trampled him flat. Now watch them blame the elephant. Says Professor Turley, who found this story, ” some at the scene suggested that alcohol may have played a role.”

Ya think?

What is the ethical response to someone who gets himself killed like this?

2. It looks like we have at least two ethically-challenged new Congresswomen...Rep. Tlaib of “impeach the motherfucker fame” unreeled a combination of Authentic Frontier Gibberish (AFG) AND ethical ignorance as she continued to dig her hole following the outburst. Tlaib told CNN on this week that she’s “very unapologetically me” [Rationalization #41 A. Popeye’s Excuse, or “I am what I am.."] and her constituents “are kind of used to my realness, used to this passion that I have” [Excuse me a second…Gag! Uck! Gack! Yecch! Ptuii!…This is #44, The Unethical Precedent, or “It’s Not The First Time.."

“And I know for many people, it did — it did get the best of me at that moment and for many people it might have been very much a distraction…”what I want to do is not allow women like myself that have every right to be angry and upset and mad and to curse — that somehow they’re not allowed to do it in some sort of public forum.”

Ah! She’s an idiot. Women and everyone else have a right to be vulgar, uncivil, insulting, obscene, undignified and generally rude in public. The fact that they have the right to act badly doesn’t mean it is right. Most relatively educated 12-year-olds understand this, and Tlaib, who is in Congress, doesn’t.

3. Speaking of “distractions”..Is this hilariously lame or what? Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) explained why he would not decline his paycheck during the shutdown, though many of his colleagues are:

“That’s an individual choice by a member of Congress but it’s also, frankly, a distraction from the real issue. We are not in the business of adding to the ranks of the unpaid. We’re in the business of getting everybody paid fairly. This question gets asked, not only with respect to the shutdown, but shouldn’t you not be paid if you don’t pass a budget? Shouldn’t you not be paid if the DREAM Act isn’t passed? You know, go down your favorite list. And the Constitution mandates it. We’re here doing our job. We’re here trying to reopen government. We respect individual choices but, frankly, we think that is a distraction from the issue here before us.."

Translation:Huminahuminahumina...Look over there!”

4. From the Ethics Alarms right wing hypersensitivity files...Some conservatives are attacking the new BBC/Netflix adaptation of the Richard Adams classic “Watership Down,” saying that it has been polluted by leftist politics and political correctness:

I’ve just watched the four-part animated series of Watership Down, shown on the BBC, with my daughter. She was slightly more aghast than me to discover that the aforementioned Bigwig was a bruv from the ’hood. And still more repelled by the elevation of a minor female rabbit character into a doughty campaigner for justice, the transgendering of a rabbit called Strawberry, and, most hilariously, the does calling each other ‘sister’ and keening a song of freedom in an orgy of #MeToo victimhood — their importance to the book she too had loved vastly exaggerated for fatuous political reasons. None of this surprised me terribly, as I have become accustomed to the liberal, white, middle-class BBC bosses shoe-horning their absurd social justice twattery into every single drama production they commission.

What’s the name for this—maybe Woke Derangement Syndrome? The new “Watership Down” is a masterpiece, wonderful in every way, and if you watch the epic saga of Hazel, Bigwig, Fiver and the rest and find yourself musing about politics, you need therapy, and quickly. So a few of the male rabbits in the original story were non-traditionally cast as female–so what? I had forgotten, frankly, that Strawberry was a female, and I could not care less. Not everything is a death struggle between ideologies.

On the other hand, it does look like someone decided to make Dr. Who “woke,” a really bad idea. Unlike some, I see nothing wrong with the Doctor changing gender; it was always understood that this was within his/her/its discretion. However, the Sun reports,

“Doctor Who” has lost a quarter of its viewers as many blast “politically correct” storylines since Jodie Whittaker entered the Tardis. Fans complained of being bombarded by preachy, serious messages instead of sci-fi entertainment. Producers, under new boss Chris Chibnall, have opted to tackle issues such as racism as Jodie, 36, travelled back to meet civil rights icon Rosa Parks in the US in 1955. Next week they have British Imperialism in their sights in 1947 India. And the latest episode explored gender with a pregnant man giving birth. A viewer tweeted: “That’s the last episode I’ll be watching. I don’t watch this type of TV show to get subliminal PC lectures, it’s supposed to be entertainment.”

Lesson: Not everything has to be weaponized  in  the death struggle between ideologies either.

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