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Mass Shooting #233 and Counting
Patricia Noll -- Good With Me Foundation Patricia Noll -- Good With Me Foundation
St. Petersburg, FL
Monday, June 6, 2022

Dr. Patricia Noll


Our World Needs Help

June 6, 2022

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St. Petersburg, FL Thursday, June 3, 2022 -- Our world can only be as healthy as its people. While the world still grieves with the people of Uvalde, Texas, we have experienced 20 additional mass shootings. Dr. Patricia Noll, CEO of the "Good With Me" Foundation says, "We must direct our attention to the root of the reason why an individual makes the decision to purchase guns and use them to kill others and self. It is the undercurrent of a societal message that teaches "other-esteem"

After 30 years of working with over 10,000 people, Dr. Noll has discovered that "other-dependent esteem" is responsible for our society's widespread discontent, unhappiness, addictions, envy, anger, rage, violence, criminal behavior, suicide, bullying, and yes…mass shootings.

Society is Teaching "Other-Dependent Esteem"

Society has been teaching that any esteem you have for yourself including the way you feel comes from external sources and that you are therefore dependent upon what others think about you, how they treat you, what they do to you, their approval of you, to satisfy your need to feel good about yourself and to have a sense that you fit in and belong.

People worldwide are being pulled under and drowning in the undercurrent of "other-dependent esteem" It is like the undercurrent in the ocean that forms within you and just like the undercurrent in the oceans, the emotional chaos of "other-dependent esteem" is hidden from view.

This teaching alone has created a hidden global crisis. Society has unknowingly been teaching "other-dependent esteem" instead of the critically important "self-dependent esteem" What most of society considers to be self-esteem is actually "other-esteem" which has nothing at all to do with self. According to current research, 85% % of society has low self-esteem which equates to "other-dependent esteem"

The Time is Now to Acknowledge "Other-Dependent Esteem!"

Society keeps looking for something (guns and mental health) or someone (lawmakers) external to themselves to blame for the increasing number of mass shootings. While there is work to do from all levels of society, there is something everyone can do while society continues to teach "other-dependent esteem" in a code that everyone understands.  It is time for everyone to acknowledge that "other-dependent esteem" is real and learn how to recognize it when you see it.

It is time to stop wondering what the motive is for those who shoot as many people as possible as fast as they can before they are stopped and acknowledge the existence of "other-dependent esteem"

How does an 18-year-old descend the dark rabbit hole that leads to shooting up an elementary school? When you don't know what you are seeing, you don't know that you don't see it, and that makes prevention of the unpredictable, unpreventable.

It Has Become Normal to Normalize the Abnormal

Society doesn't know what to look for amidst the public unrest and disorder when it comes to the red flags that lead to a mass shooting because the red flags often appear to be normal. The abnormal is normalized by family and friends in many ways, i.e., "going through a phase, he's just being a kid, it's just a boy/girl thing, too much testosterone, the hormones are raging, he/she has always been quiet/a loner/a little wild, he just wanted to fit in and belong, etc.

For example, the system missed seeing it in a shooter in New Zealand in 2018 because those around him only saw "he was quiet and seemed like a normal teenager" They didn't see that he received his approval from those who supported his chaotic posts in his Social Media groups.

When Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

There can be no doubt that guns cause problems even though they are only a symptom of the problem and not the actual root of the problem which is "other-dependent esteem"

Guns can kill. They just don't kill all by themselves. While the #1 killer of children in 2020 was guns instead of car accidents, just like it takes someone to drive the car, it takes someone to point the gun and pull the trigger. Even though guns (just like automobiles) can cause horrific harm and problems, they are a symptom of the problem and not the root…the societal message that teaches "other-dependent esteem"

Likewise, it has been determined that most of the mass shootings are by males 18-22 years. It has also been determined that the brain is not fully developed until age 29. Assuming both are accurate, it would then follow that it is completely irresponsible, negligent, and even reckless to allow guns of any kind to be in the hands of someone who's brain will NOT be fully developed for several years.

Mental Health, Mental Health, and Mental Health

Much of society has become so focused on mental health that it's impossible to see what is really going on…the critical importance of "Self-Dependent Esteem" in a world dominated by "Other-Dependent Esteem"

While there is a lot of good that has come from traditional psychology and mental health, it appears that it has not kept up with the changes that began at the end of World War II and have continued to grow. What began with "Keeping Up with the Joneses" touting that you are as good as your material possessions has expanded to include the importance of looking good based on not only physical appearance, it includes intelligence, skills, successes, and who likes you.

With as few as 10-15% of society enjoying "self-dependent esteem " it is evidence that very few have avoided the societal code that says you are only as good as what you have, what/who you know, and/or what you do. In simple words, you are only as good as your "stuff"

Mass Shootings Are an Extreme Display of Bullying

Dr. Noll has concluded, "Bullying is a common way that people act out the undercurrent of "other-dependent esteem"  A mass shooting is an extreme display of bullying that originates from the emotional chaos of the undercurrent of "other-dependent esteem" and poses danger to the quality of life and even life itself. 

Different people bully in different ways. For example, the display of domestic violence between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard (exaggerated by alcohol and drug use) is a different display of bullying acted out from the hidden crisis of "other-dependent esteem"

The crisis caused by this hidden undercurrent is often impossible to detect by mental health evaluations. These individuals become very skilled at hiding their undercurrent of "Other-Dependent Esteem" Do you really think they are going to tell the truth about being so angry that they want to hurt or kill someone because they don't like themselves and they think no one else likes them either? They might not even be in touch with the undercurrent of hurt and pain that leads them to carry out a mass shooting. In fact, it takes real "self-dependent esteem" to admit you don't have it. What kind of a catch-22 is that?


The warning signs of "Other-Dependent Esteem" and the behaviors that lead to mass shootings, suicides, domestic violence, bullying, drug overdoses, and more become predictable and preventable when they are recognized. It is time to teach and equip people around the world with the ability to detect the bizarre behaviors and poor choices of "other-dependent esteem" no matter how normal they appear to be.

When society is equipped to recognize "other-dependent esteem" and teaches "self-dependent esteem" instead, we don't need to depend upon lawmakers to do our part.

To learn more about how to change thoughts to save lives go to https://www.goodwithmefoundation.org.


About the "Good With Me" Foundation

The "Good With Me" program established in 2014 is the outgrowth from Dr. Noll's Focus One™ program started in 1989. It started as a book, then was proclaimed "Good With Me" Day, and a city co-sponsored annual festival followed.

The "Good With Me" Foundation was founded in 2019 to support the "Good With Me" mission to change thoughts and save lives. It became a global humanitarian movement. Filming of 5 segments of a documentary has begun and a trailer has been cut to showcase the highlights of the film. Go to https://www.goodwithmefoundation.org/documentary to view.

"Good With Me" community groups will be made available in 15-20 countries around the globe by certified "Good With Me" Community Leaders teaching participants who can't afford to participate as well as those who can. This is made available by funding through the "Good With Me" Foundation.

Learn more  https://www.goodwithmefoundation.org 

About Dr. Patricia Noll 

Televised addictions and self-esteem specialist, Dr. Patricia Noll founded the Good With Me Foundation, of which she is the CEO and Executive Director, to educate people around the globe about the stunning importance and benefits of self-esteem in a world dominated by other-esteem. She is the author of Good With Me: A Simple Approach to Real Happiness from the Inside Out, an international seller. She founded Focus One™, an Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program, licensed by the state of Florida in 1989. Her Focus One™ program has been endorsed by internationally renowned Deepak Chopra, Dr. Larry Dossey, and others. She is an Acupuncture Physician, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Certified Addiction Professional. https://www.goodwithmefoundation.org

Dr. Patricia Noll, is available for interviews about how to recognize the warning signs of a potential mass shooter situation and how to change thoughts to save lives.


727-424-1270 (Cell/Text


Disclaimer: The information in this news release has been verified for accuracy to the best of our abilities. Beyond that it contains what I and others have learned about the stunning importance of self-esteem in a world dominated by "other-esteem" It is not intended as a substitute for immediate professional help when a need exists. Neither I nor the Good With Me Foundation is responsible for the results you experience from the information presented here---either positive or negative. It is you who are responsible for you and your needs.

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